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Galaxy Stone (G.S.) Galactic Mining Corporation
Published 1 week ago
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Galaxy Stone (G.S.) Galactic Mining Corporation is a small and new galactic fleet that is currently exploring the galaxy for its next place to strike. It’s headed up by President Crispus Garner, and currently contains a fleet of six ships.

1. G.S. Prime Shuttle, the largest and main ship of the corporation. Though it doesn’t do any mining work itself, it is the control station of the entire enterprise and the heart of its President.

2. G.S. Whale 0.1 & Whale 0.2, the heavy duty transport ships.

3. G.S. Sputterer 0.1 & 0.2, the actual mining machines of the fleet.

4. G.S. Taser, the guardian of the federation. Armed with three major weapons piloted/managed by committed officers, pilots, and operators.
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1 week ago
I may break this up into individual models if needed
1 week ago
This is awesome, Greenie! Have you submitted it to the Sci-Fi RPG forum (not the discussion) yet?
1 week ago
Oh, you did.
Sorry, I hadn't seen it yet.
1 week ago
Thanks Op
. Should I break them up into individual models though?
1 week ago
Greenie: Nah, it's cool as it is. I just make one at a time, that's all.
1 week ago
@Operator Cool

Which ship is your favorite?
1 week ago
The ship at the rear, which is the Taser, right?
1 week ago
@Operator Yes, the G.S.'s only gunship. It uses 12-HC vaporizing weapons, which may be illegal in some planets, I'm not sure
. It's also the fastest of the fleet, which would make sense
1 week ago
Yeah, it's awesome! I love the wings, especially. Hey, if you ever need some extra weapons or comm gear, well, you know who to call.
7 days ago
Nice! (I'm nearly done with my one)
6 days ago
@Flame Gracias! Can't wait

@GV Thank you!

@Operator how do we work out calling... do I just comment on your first post, RPG forum, PM?
6 days ago
Greenie: Well, it's all in-universe communication, so probably PM to discuss how the story will go.
That's a good question, though.
4 days ago
Congrats on getting featured! onlything is everyone will know about us O_o
3 days ago
@Fireblade Thanks
...i never even knew it had been featured...
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