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What If...? CMF Series Figures
Published 4 months ago
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So, these are figures from What If...?, if you haven't seen the show the get click out of this model now because there are a bit of spoilers.

Figure #1

Ultron From Episode 7,8,9
I'm pretty sure that figure was my most viewed model. So I suppose most of you know it. It comes with an original generation Ultron helmet.

Figure #2

I haven't thought of anything. If anyone has any suggestions then I'm open to them. Feel free to comment.

Figure #3

Hank Pym/ Ant-Man From Episode 3

The first figure I made. Awesome! And I love the helmet. I'm kind of obsessed with the Ant-Man helmet in general. His accessory is a bouquet of flowers for his daughter's grave.

Figure #4

Captain Britain From Episode 9

It looks amazing. It took me like 30 minutes to make the textures. Though I must admit that the face I used looks more like Jane Foster.

Figure #5

Black Widow From Episode 8

I added body armor printing as well as a Custom Arnim Zola Ultron Sentry. I still need to add more accessories to the figure. Need to find the shield. Really happy with how it turned out.

Figure #6

The Wasp

I did an infected version of Wasp. She comes with a trophy piece that represents the "small" zombies. She also comes with a (horribly built) quad jet. The figure also has arm printing and a recolouration of the torso.

Credit to lucas_fanarts for Captain Britain's Shield
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4 months ago
Thanks! Wow, you responded really fast!
4 months ago
Coolio! (It looks like Zola is having a tantrum…
4 months ago
LOL (joy), I didn't actually consider that! I am still working on it though. So more figures will come.
3 months ago
Not to nitpick, but its captain CARTER. just thought i should let you know
3 months ago
Well, then I'll call her Captain Britain (her secret identity is Captain Carter).
3 months ago
For the quadjet, you could use Star-Lord's blaster piece for the wings.
3 months ago
Good idea! I'll be sure to try it out!
2 months ago
Me puedes hacer cabezas zombis las más cool que veas en Google .
1 month ago

"Brother from a'nother mother" lol (That ' was intentional)
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