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Star Wars MOC
Published 1 year ago
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Okay, so I've never actually made some kind of Star Wars build... unless I'm am forgetful... and just started building and there you go! I hope you like it... feel free to criticizes... I guess...

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Commenting before @Lax.

I like how you attached the wheels to the bricks.
Is that doable IRL?
1 year ago
Cool model, Greenie!
I'd appreciate it if you didn't mock me, Snap.
1 year ago

Let’s all mock Lax!
1 year ago
Awesome model, Greenie!

Snap: Yeah, that's doable IRL. I've used it a few times in random MOCs.
1 year ago
@Snap Thank you! Yes, that was kinda a last minute inspiration that just popped into my mind... and is absolutely doable irl.

@KoE Thanks bro!

@DrPepper Gracias!

@Lax Thanks man, I thought you would like it
Also... not to start an argument or anything... but I don't think Snap was mocking you, but you're very active and often the first to like or comment. Since you're known for that, it's almost... I don't know... fun or humorous if someone else is able to do it before you. He's just being funny
, kinda like how people joke about my grammar and spelling... except in my case it is an actual problem
1 year ago
@Chuck Thanks man!
...also... please don't say things like that... I know it's a joke... but some people can get fired up by that O_O

@Operator Thanks a ton bro!
1 year ago
Well, it was fine at first, but then everyone started doing it, and it got to the point where people were making a big deal about when I wasn't the first to comment, and also saying "Commenting before Lax," and it eventually started to be in a mocking way. I know Snap doesn't mean to mock me at all, I'm just saying that for future reference.

And Chuck, no one is amused by that.
at first I just saw the clones and the battle droids, and wondered if they were teaming up.
now I realize it's a stealth mission, which makes more sense.
1 year ago
@Lax understandable, personally I have a thick spine so I wouldn't even care
, but Idda know.

@Chuck You're fine

@FireBlade thank you mate!

, if the MOC was larger it may have been more clear...

@EVERYONE!!! Should I get rid of the lava and turn it into something else... like vegetation? I just feel like it doesn't really fit O_o
1 year ago
I thought that was sans
1 year ago
*sand. Stupid autocorrect!
1 year ago
Welcome... *single eye wanders creepily* 0_°
1 year ago
STAR WARS GEEK!!!! I love the model!

1 year ago
Lax, I think people just do it because you always comment on something really early. Its like your on 24/7 lol
1 year ago
DrP: But I'm not on 24/7. People can't expect me to be on here every minute of every day like they do. I have a life you know.
huh? aw man, those characters aren't allowed.
I will try doing them later.
1 year ago
THANK YOU THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! I would respond in more detail... but... I'm tired... and busy O_O
1 year ago
WOW! *Reads the comments*. Sigh. I really don't feel like it so just no. *Goes back to practicing Guitar and singing IRL*.
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