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04.1 - Prisoners
Published 3 months ago
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04.1 - Prisoners

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Let me out of here!” WizardBuilds1 demanded. After they had separated him from Happy097 and BrickAssassain7, he was put in another cell, and was now trying to persuade the traitor Brickster to release him, but without success.
“And the birdy goes weeeee!” the voice replied.
“Open the door!” WizardBuilds1 said.
“What does the fox say?” the voice asked.
“Let me go!” WizardBuilds1 demanded.
“Are you a toast?,” the voice asked.
“A what?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“A buttered piece of toast,” the voice explained.
“No, why would I be a… toast?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“I don’t know… Just wanted to check,” the voice replied.
“Who are you?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Just call me… BlackBlade,” the voice replied.
“BlackBlade?” WizardBuilds1 asked, but there was no reply.

“Knock knock,” General_Veers said.
“Who is there?” LEGOminis asked.
“Santa!” General_Veers replied.
“Santa? Why San–,” LEGOminis began, but was cut short.
“Hohoho!!” General_Veers interrupted.
“What? Why did you–?” LEGOminis started.
“Hohoho!” General_Veers repeated.
“Stop it! It’s not–,” LEGOminis tried, but was interrupted by General_Veers’ fake Santa laugh again.
“Wait, let me try to immitate an evil Santa,” General_Veers said after a while, and began laughing weirdly.
“Let me try,” LEGOminis said, and joined in. They had spent the past days uplifting their moods and wasting time with riddles, jokes, and bad puns. Until now, it had worked perfectly.

He opened his eyes.
“Is he awake? Is he awake?” a voice asked as if a child was waiting to unwrap his Christmas present. It didn’t take long to see the owner of the voice.
“Blade, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be ‘guarding’ the prisoners?” PurplePirah asked.
“Nah, it’ll be all right,” BlackBlade replied,”But what about you? Are you okay?”
“I think so… But I can’t remember what caused me to collapse like that,” PurplePirah replied.
“Oh, the prisoner managed to outsmart you and hit you in the head,” BlackBlade explained.
“Through my armor?” PurplePirah asked.
“Uhh…” BlackBalde began. Say that you weren’t there to see what happened, the system advised.
“I wasn’t there to see what happened,” BlackBlade explained.
“So how did you know that I was hit in the head?” PurplePirah asked.
“Umm… It was actually an assumption since… we… found a… bump on your head!” BlackBalde exclaimed.
“You're acting very suspicious,” PurplePirah observed.
“Nothing to worry about,” BlackBlade said, dismissing it.
“Anyway, do you really think I’d get outsmarted by some little pathetic flip?” PurplePirah asked.
“Yes,” BlackBlade said.
“Seriously? Me? The great Pirah?” PurplePirah asked. BlackBlade couldn’t resist laughing.
“Say it again!” he said. PurplePirah stifled an angered grunt.
“You’re despicable… The only reason I work with you is because of the system ,” PurplePirah said.
“Oh, I like your seriousness, that’s why I work with you,” BlackBlade laughed.
“Don’t tempt me to punch you.” PurplePirah said.
“Why not throw me out the window?” BlackBlade asked, because he knew very well that the building didn’t have windows. What are you two still standing around for? Users have been detected! And some of them are going directly for the prisoners! the system ringed in their ears. BlackBlade giggled.
“This is going to be fun!” BlackBlade exclaimed.
“Why?” PurplePirah asked.
“Because it is!” BlackBlade replied.
“You and your logic,” PurplePirah sighed. And while you’re at it: Do a checkup on prisoner 6383 the system instructed.
“Okey-dokey!” BlackBlade said, happily walking out of the room.
“I hope we’re getting more members soon… This maniac is tiring me out,” PurplePirah sighed. Don’t worry… More members will join soon the system said.

[End of 04.1]
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3 months ago
Amazing chapter! (I know I already said it a lot of times but it is true.)
3 months ago
BlackBlade be givin' me some serious justy vibes…
3 months ago
For being named “Happy”, I sure am missing all the fun. This cage is not very comfortable, and my powers are so dampened I can only make a recliner! If I ever see that BlackBlade, I’mma tell him that his mother is a goat and his father smelt of elderberries! And maybe a few other insults from movies. Unless he plans to give me a good book or something, then maybe I’ll ease up on the insults. and no, I’m not joining the system for a book, I’m not that dumb.
3 months ago
why is blackblade once in the chapter called blackbalde
3 months ago
Puffin - That's my mistake... I'll need to change that!!
Thanks for noticing!!
3 months ago
I like the chapter
3 months ago
@Happy I get that reference!
Monty Python and the Holy Grail!
although it's not a goat, it's a hamster, or hampster.
"I fart in your general direction!"
3 months ago
@TheAnOnym, awesome chapter!
@Justy, I understood that reference! I haven't seen the whole movie but I have seen that part.
3 months ago
SebastianButton.lego & SlimBrick1 - Thanks!!
3 months ago
okay! I will remember to skip that if I watch it!
3 months ago
These evil guys are so creepy!!

BTW it looks like I’m fixing my hair, which I spend a lot of time doing in real life! (Especially when I’m thinking)
I guess I’d just have a single rubber mold on my head, though.
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