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Meca Royale Kirbster
Published 1 month ago
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Character Origin (Set after my death and resurrection in Red Thunder Comics): Dying was weird. It's an experience I wish never to go through again, or at least no THAT way. Although we had won the war against Satin, I being the one to strike the final blow, we were greatly betrayed. I was murdered by a friend. I learned that the world lived in terror after the loss of their greatest hero, Red Thunder. People started fighting each other to see who would be allowed to pull my powers from my corpse. Sadly, it seams as I have returned from the dead, the war continues. I'm ready to fight nonetheless, though I do not wish to kill innocent people. My sword, Inkemba has shattered, but I forged her remains to make two new Ninja-inspired blades. I have also earned my wings. They appear to be made of lightning and allow me the ability of flight. This is much different than the other angels I have seen, though it suits me best.

Sword: Inkemba (Now two swords)
Glider: Wings
Powers: The element of lightning (red)
gun: uses powers for rang attacks
other: is wearing an old suit under clothes for protection
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1 month ago
read the origin, it's dark, just the way I like my literature
1 month ago
i mean the one in the description, none of the comics is published yet
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