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Some Custom Weapons I've made
Published 4 weeks ago
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I figured I'd do this sooner or later. I thought SiMaI's guns were a bit too complicated-looking in comparison to minifigures, so I just made some guns myself. These are some I've used for models before, and I'll continually update it with more weapons down the line. From left to right:

-Ray Gun
-Zip .22
-PTRS-41 with a Japanese sword
-Breda 30
-Generic bolt-action rifle
-M3A1 Grease Gun
-STG44 (I tried XD)
-M1 Garand
-Panzerfaust (not really a gun but....)
-A shotgun with a freaking bayonet on it

Feel free to use them! And, you don't have to credit me, but I really appreciate it if you do.
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4 weeks ago
These are mostly ww2 weapons though. The SKS and shotgun could work for what you're doing
4 weeks ago
No offense, but you really couldve done better on the Panzerfaust.
4 weeks ago
@Kraus of all the things I thought you were going to criticize the STG44 XD
4 weeks ago
Honestly , Calc, you did pretty good on the StG. But that barely looks like the Faust, i mean, the sights angled in the wrong direction, the launcher is kinda short.
4 weeks ago
I sence a disturbance... WERE ARE THE BEYONET TOMMY GUNS! #LegaliseBeyonetTommyGuns
4 weeks ago
@LCB Bayoneted shotgun is cooler

You know what this close-range weapon needs? A freaking sword.
4 weeks ago
Can u make a P90?
4 weeks ago
@LCB Because beyond the MP-18 or an Automatico M1918 , a bayoneted submachinegun is just ridiculous.
4 weeks ago
@TCM Consider using a japanese sword bayonet
4 weeks ago
UPDATE: Added the P90 (Great suggestion @SunClaw) and fixed the Panzerfaust for @Kraus
4 weeks ago
Nice. I think my favorite is the "Shotgun with a freaking bayonet on it". XD
4 weeks ago
@Rubrickscube that is actually going to be one of Andrew Lacard's weapons; you'll see it in action in the next chapter
4 weeks ago
@TCM Now that looks much better. Great work
3 weeks ago
Good job! I love the bullpup.
2 weeks ago
Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: Added the Soviet PTRS-41 as a friendly reminder that in Call of Duty World At War, this 14.5 mm heavy ANTI-TANK rifle can be fired easily like a freaking BB gun. And added non-historical Katana bayonet because Kraus gave me the idea XD
1 week ago
UPDATE: Added two meme guns: The Zip .22 (modern American gun notorious for jamming, supposedly the worst gun ever according to Forgotten Weapons) and the Ray Gun from Call of Duty (plz revive bro I have ray gun)
7 days ago

Never again can I get the ray gun meme out of my head. XD

R.I.P. Dobby (please revive bro, I have a ray gun!!!) XDDD
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