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ORIGINS Hysteria #2
Published 1 year ago
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Subject No. A7X

Activity Log:
[3:22 AM] Subject wakes up
[3:25 AM] Subject pounds on door
[4:52 AM] Subject gets too close to the camera, SC is activated
[5:04 AM] Subject begins to weep

In the control room
Jane: "Anything out of him yet?"
'A7X': "Nothing..."
Jane: "What has he done?"
'A7X': "Nothing..."
Jane sighs
'A7X': "He's starting to become bored."
Jane: "How does that time thing work again?"
'A7X': "Well, basically, the substance that entered our bodies was... special. Some areas of space are highly reactive to different types of matter. The place we went to? It wouldn't react to a normal human being, but to people with my skeleton? It opened a wormhole through time, or, a timehole, and sent me to a random time period. But how Travis figured out how to manipulate said timeholes, I have no clue."
Jane: "What are you gonna do when you figure out how to manipulate time like him?"
'A7X': "Nothing. Messing with time screws with the universe. Going to the wrong time might shred the very universe itself."
Jane: "What do we do with him when he spills?"
'A7X': "I haven't decided yet..."
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oooohhh spooky! this chapters shorter than the rest, which means somethings probably gonna happen next chapter.
1 year ago

@L_S5 So far, so good!
1 year ago
FYI, an SC is a Shock Collar, If you look closely, he's wearing one!
1 year ago
Born again but its to atone a hope that time...
1 year ago
atomicfart2009, I believe that the underlined words from Hysteria are separate from the underlined words in Interrogations.
by A7X
33 models | 3.9k views
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