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Riders of Promise Chapter 10 All's Well that Ends Well, (But this isn't the end)
Published 2 months ago
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Riders of Promise

Chapter 10 All's Well That Ends Well, (But this isn't the end)

Niger wasn't waiting around for anything, he knew Carbo was struggling to keep up with him, but something told him he had to hurry. That the clock was ticking and time was running out. His mind burned with worry, fear, and a million other emotions all at once. His friend was in here somewhere and he had to find him.
I can't fail again. Not again, I have to find him, Come on where is he? I promised. That last thought stabbed at him like a red hot dagger. I promised. The dank walls gleamed in the light of the torches, illuminating a set of stairs which led downward.
"Carbo, here," he called softly. Carbo ran to him and halted at the edge of the stairs.
"How do we know?" he asked doubtfully.
"The prisons in this fortress are down, you have any other stairways leading down?"
"Alright, let's go," Carbo slowly descended, the rattle and clank of the sword on his hip making Niger cringe every time it made a sound. Down and down, darker and darker the stairwell grew, the light fading.
Voices floated up, Niger halted to listen, and his heart sank within him, right down to his boots.


Thud. Thud. Thud. The tramp of doom. Armica thought. She turned around to stare into the dark, helmeted face of Lord Arawn.
"Well well well, you didn't tell me you had another prisoner Brock." His voice was raspy and harsh, like fingernails on a slate wall. Armcia wanted to cringe but stood firm, staring bravely into the eye holes of the helmet.
"Armica, welcome."
"I'm not feeling very welcome right now," Armica felt rattled, how did he know her name?
"I'm not surprised."
"How do you know me?"
Arawn laughed, a sound more terrible then his voice, "I've been searching for you for a fare few years now. You are the only niece of Forten I."
Things started to come clear, "so that's why I was sent away, Mum was trying to protect me."
"Well it didn't work, I got rid of your father, the brother of Forten I, I've hunted your siblings, now they serve me, there are only three left. You, Fort, and Niger, and now there is only one left."
He doesn't know about Carbo. That's weird. Armica knew she didn't have any more time, but one question was burning her brain, one she had to have answered.
"Why are you doing this?" she had to keep him talking.
"I don't need to tell you that, all you need to know is that all your family is dead now. And as soon as Niger comes, it'll be your turn."

The horrible fear Armica had long suspected, ever since her childhood, was suddenly confirmed with shocking, blinding clarity.
She dropped to her knees, yanking her long braid to stop herself from crying.
Fort managed to stumble to his feet. He wrapped his arm around his friend.
"It'll be alright Armica, don't worry." His determined eyes met the merciless eyes of the Lord on the other side of the door.
There was a strangled grunt from behind Arawn. Brock, that unfortunate guard, slumped to the ground, unconscious and there in his place, stood Niger.
Slowly, casually, Arawn turned around.
"Ah Niger my friend, we were just talking about you."
"Step aside Arawn or I'll deal with you here and now." Niger raised his sword and stepped over the unconscious Brock.
"Then I guess you're dealing with me here and now. I've been waiting a long time for you to return. Traitor." Arawn slowly stepped towards Niger.
“That can’t work any longer Arawn, step aside, I’m taking my friends.”
Arawn whipped out his sword and without a word attacked. Niger deflected the first vicious volley, sidestepped, then sent a hissing thrust towards Arawn’s breastplate. They circled, then when Arawn’s back was too the spiral staircase, Niger attacked again. Arawn backed to the stairwell, and whistled loud and long. Pattering feet came racing down and a contingent of ten guards appeared.
“Fort we have to help him,” Armica said to her friend.
“I know, I’ll try,” Fort stood, but he swayed, unsteady on his feet. The ring of steel echoed throughout the hall. Armica grabbed the key from her pocket, the key which had unlocked the side-door, fitted it into the lock and ran into the hall. Seizing the torch from the wall, Armica ran into the fray.

Niger was fighting hard now, three soldiers were on him while Arawn stood by. The hall was narrow, only three soldiers could stand abreast there. Armica crouched behind Niger, she could see he was in trouble. She stood up and threw the torch behind the three guards straight onto Arawn’s helmet. He gave a strangled cry and stumbled back. Niger finished off the three guards, and three arrows zipped out of the stairwell. Carbo had arrived.
“Niger! Armica and I can take care of the guards! Go for Arawn!”
Armica grabbed another torch and charged the nearest guard. He glowered at her as he drew back his sword. She skipped out of reach and thrust the torch towards him. His sword met the torch, biting and holding the wood. The guard yanked the sword towards him, dragging Armica off balance. She dropped to the cold stone floor and rolled as he swept the sword over her head.
All the air exploded from her lungs as the guard kicked her. Armica sprang to her feet and faced him, desperately trying to breath. The guard raised his sword and walked towards her, past an open prison door.
Suddenly, Fort flung himself out of the cell onto the guard’s back. They both rolled to the ground and Fort knocked the guard out. Armica thanked him and stood, breath coming in ragged gasps, to survey the battlefield.
Carbo has dispatched the other soldiers with his bow and was helping Niger battle Arawn. It was not going well. Arawn’s massive broad-sword was destroying their attacks. They couldn’t get near him.
Fort picked himself up and started towards the fight but Armica pulled him back.
“I’ve got an idea, c’mon.” She led him into their cell, grabbing fistfuls of straw. She wrapped it around the wood of the torch then let it catch alight.
“Niger! Carbo! duck!” she called, racing toward them. They dropped to the stone and she flung the burning projectile onto Arawn’s cape. It caught on fire and he franticly tried ripping it off. Armica pulled at Niger, “Quick, run!”
Fort and Carbo were already racing up the stairs, Carbo assisting the still weak Fort. They ran through the tunnels, not caring to stay quiet. Out into the night they ran. Niger whistled high and long.
Out of the streets Caran the Horse galloped, leading Fort’s stallion and Armica’s mare. Armica mounted with Carbo, Niger and Fort mounted and they rode away.

End of Chapter 10
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2 months ago
Wow, that was. . . intense (and also insanely epic as usual!)
2 months ago
AWESOME!!!!! Can't wait to read more!
2 months ago
Like every unnoticed and often forgotten comment says, "That was so ridiculously awesome that I fell backwards in my chair, swallowed my gum, dropped a ruler on my toe, and bit the carpet!" Ok, maybe not, but it was still a great chapter... and left me a lot of questions... which I assume will be answered later
2 months ago
@Everyone, Thanks!

@GreenChap, *DragonPublishing.Inc is not responsible for any chair-falling, gum-swallowing, ruler-dropping, or carpet-biting which may come about from one of our products.*
Hopefully . . . I'm not very good at tying up loose ends but I'll do my best.
2 months ago
What will be the next mecabricks story? , so i can join for the first time in a mecabricks story and this is great and intense.
2 months ago
I love my self a great fantasy or medieval story and this mixes both aspects and i hope the next mecabricks story has to do with a detective or a mistery or a murder and someone has to solve it kind of like the sherlock holmes saga in some form of way.
2 months ago
@Eternalvoyager88, yeah that would be awesome! I probably wouldn't write it because I don't like detective stories or murders.
2 months ago
D_R you are on here early! Ok, that might just be creepy
but I tend to observe a lot of things. You typically don't pop up till around 4:00 my time, HAMMER usually comes in around lunch, O011 and KoE seem to do most of their stuff in the evenings... especially KoE, and Snaptoit steps in around 12:00-1:00 twice a week or so... Lax is on all day... etc...
2 months ago
@Green, I would never have noticed that! Yeah I was on early, mainly because I woke up so horribly early and I had nothing to do. My normal wake up time is 7-ish, but I woke up today at 6.
2 months ago
I used to wake up at 6:00-6:30 everyday... but for some reason I seemed to be losing energy
I try and wake up at 7:00

*get up at 7:00.
2 months ago
Fabulous job, had me on the edge of my seat
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