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a big announcement
Published 2 months ago
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0-0 ok guys so what the dino nuggie,
1, I can't loud workshop or most models cause stinken bestbuy wiped my computer, I'm trying to fix it but I just got back from a 6 mile hike on Mt. Michel and before that was out of town and before that my computer got broke.

2, for those of you who don't know, I've become a really good MOCingbird, and I enjoy it a lot more then anything, so that may keep me away from being on as much,

3, hpmmmmm, so for the what? 3 people who have read Lightning Piercer, I know that the first old one sucked, along with the first two chapters that are out, but if you don't mind, could y'all just at least read til chapter 5? cause it gets better cause when I rewrote it I kept the first 2 and rewrote the rest, so it gets a lot better. I've put a lot more effort then you think, in-fact the only thing I make in LEGO is Lightning Piercer: Lost Worlds, no joke, I would post photos but they would spoiler it, OHHH and another thing about LP:LW some chapters will have a photo of a MOC for it, so please read.

4, some of the older people may feel this way, but all of the sudden life hit, and you may think you get life already, but trust me its like a fricking train, so I may act odd and maybe harsh at times, so I'm sorry bout that,

5, the 5-year-olds (are as some say spammers) have gotten out of control, and its gotten pretty annoying, so to all the mature peeps out there, lets go ou-I MEAN GOOD JOB,
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2 months ago
Ima be honest, half that was in engerish to me
2 months ago
2 months ago
thanks for that render chuck!
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