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Crab Crusher
Published 2 years ago
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The build is 99% exact, minus the stickers and Aqua Raiders-themed torsos. The only substitutes are a different type of 2x4x3 hinge panel (and corresponding 1x4 mount plates for them), and thicker type of flippers. Also, a custom 'green scales' print for the crab’s body is missing.



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This set no. 7774 "Crab Crusher" came out in 2007 as a part of the 'Aqua Raiders' series, a relatively small collection of seven models that lasted for just a season. It was the second appearance of Aqua Raiders, originally introduced in 1997 as a part of the "Aquazone" subtheme. With almost a decade between these two generations, though, they didn't have much in common besides the name.

The centerpiece of the "Crab Crusher" set is, obviously, a submarine. At 10.5 inches (or 26 centimeters) and 400+ bricks, this was a massive vessel, earning a status of "the biggest Aqua Raiders submarine of all." The submarine is modular, with three independent sections:

>> a missile launcher in the front, with two additional spearguns on each side
>> a bridge on the top with a periscope that houses a detachable mini-sub
>> a rear cabin (where engine and control rooms are).

Two large, elaborated turbines with fuel pumps and harpoon guns drive the submarine. (There are also two additional front engines). Two hatches allow access to the control room, where an extra set of diving gear, some essential tools, and a harpoon rifle are stored. It's an exceptionally well designed and constructed submarine, so many additional little details and moving elements to play with!

For the protagonist, there's a Giant Monster Crab—quite a terrifying beast that has 145 parts and measures 6.5 inches (16,5 cm) in width. Both claws and all eight legs move in various directions. Again, I must admit that the brick-built crab is not as lame and goofy as I initially thought from just looking at pictures. The actual build is quite entertaining and original, and the final look is very sharp and decent, complimenting the rest of the set beautifully.

For accessories, the "Crab Crusher" also includes a neat-looking Underwater Scooter (with two harpoon rifles) and a tiny patch of the ocean floor, with a little treasure's barrel and old pirate skeleton lying beneath the rocks and seaweeds. Only two minifigures, though, which is a bit light given almost 600 pieces in total inventory.

Check out more of my 'Aqua Raiders' builds on Mecabricks, as well as some models from an excellent Classic Town's 'Divers' subtheme from 1997:

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