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The Brotherhood of Infinity
Published 6 days ago
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The Brotherhood of Infinity, definitely not friends, they have no friends. For reasons no one has yet discovered, they travel around the galaxy, hacking into others ships and doing damage. From completely shutting ships down, to going so far as to ignite explosives hooked up to the computer systems, the Brotherhood of Infinity will find some way to bring damage to your ship, if they desire. It is theorized that they can remain unseen long enough to hack into other vessels by using what’s call distorted light speed, something that few have come close to even understanding the basics of. However, they don’t always bring about harm, in fact, they mostly just appear in front of a ship for a few seconds, and then disappear. They can be considered a common sight, especially around astroid fields; but then again it depends on what your definition of ‘common’ is.

They contain only three ships that we know about

The Infinity Father: The largest ship, as well as the main hacker of the fleet, yet the least common to see. It has no weapons, other than its highly complex computer systems.

The Infinity Sons: The two most common, yet seemingly harmless ships. Some believe they do help in the hacking process, by somehow rerouting the computer signals, but others believe they are only there for show.

Key Note: Though the Brotherhood is never seen during their hacking moments, they are easily detectable via radar. Radars have saved many ships from these cyber attackers.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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6 days ago
Ooh, I love the use of that zipline piece.
6 days ago
Whoops, didn't look closely enough. I mean Lance's crossbow stud shooter piece.
6 days ago

They should have a thing for gauntlets...
6 days ago
@Operator Must I correct you again? Though I wasn't one for Nexo Knights, it knew enough to understand that Arron was the one with the crossbow, and Lance was the one with the, well, lance.

@FirebladeThe24+4th. THANK!!!
... I was wondering if someone would say something like that
6 days ago
Greenie: Ah. I knew there was something wrong with what I said

The Cynical Op In The Strikethroughs: it should've been obvious, how could we have gotten that wrong?

Me: sigh Yeah, I really don't know how I messed that up.

The Cynical Op In The Strikethroughs: [s]yep. sigh
5 days ago
O_O... well...

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: Who is that?

Me: Random dude, meat your new competition.

Random dude: I'm leaving...
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