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Obergefreiter Ludwig Becker
Published 6 months ago
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Ludwig Becker was just 18 when the war started, and he quickly volunteered his services for the war effort. Being the son of a Heer Commander during the Great War, he felt it was duty to sign up. In the Wehrmact, he experienced grueling training, and was looked down upon by his peers as he was a few years under the signup age and had lied his way in, but he did not let any of this deter him.
In 1941, at the age of 21, he had finished his training and had achieved the rank of Gefreiter (Corporal), in time for the West Africa Campaign. He partook in the Siege of Tobruk and earned the rank of Obergefreiter (Senior Lance Corporal) after he distinguished himself by singlehandedly knocking out two British Matilda Tanks with just a Mortar Bomb and a few captured No. 39 Hand Grenades.

After the battle, he also met his faithful canine companion Max, whom lost his owner during the battle. Ludwig would later find out that the owner had died to Australian Artillery action during the battle. Almost immediately, he adopted Max.

By 1942, Ludwig had experienced the grueling experience of Afrika, nonetheless he never stopped fighting. By that point, he had taken up smoking, and on his 22nd Birthday, his commander surprised him with a gold plated Cigarette Tin, then on Ludwig always kept it.

Ludwig uses the standard MP-40 as his weapon of choice. He will also carry a Panzerfaust with him just in case he crosses paths with a Tank. His little helper Max will follow him wherever he goes, even in the heat of battle.
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6 months ago
SO much detail! (As always
6 months ago
Maxi is a very good boy, by the way.
A very good boi indeed.
6 months ago
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