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Slums - MOC
Published 6 months ago
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Hello there! Here's my MOC for Star Wars day - a section of slums in the backwater area of some planet in the Star Wars galaxy.

This is my first time using this type of terrain (wrap-around SNOT), so that's not looking too good. XD

I'm still really proud of how this build came out, though.

I hope you like it as well!

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6 months ago
It looks great! The round studs on the sides of the terrain stick out a bit, but otherwise it’s really cool!
6 months ago
This is super impressive looking, dude!

The back of the model is quite bare though.
6 months ago
MB: Yeah, I realize that now.

Outlawious: Thank you!

Snap: It is indeed.
The reason for that is this: I only just remembered that SW day was coming up on the 2nd, so I didn't want to make something too big. I planned out the base, but I realized that there just wasn't enough room for the 3 buildings. So I shortened it to 2, and added a vaporator-type thing in place of the third one. The black on the ends of the buildings is where they would continue on. If I had the time, I would continue them much farther back, but I don't. I barely made it as it is.
6 months ago
This looks really Awesome Op!
6 months ago
Looks super cool, Op!
6 months ago
Twiggy: Thank you!

Lax: Thanks very much!
6 months ago
This is amazing and front-page worthy!!
I’m not sure what you mean by the SNOT on the side, it’s good!!

(trust me, I know a lot about SNOT, and not just the LEGO kind...)
6 months ago
I love it!
6 months ago
...anyways... awesome build, better that what my granny once tried to make, couldn't be better, etc etc... everything I'm supposed to say about how AWESOME THIS THING IS!!!
6 months ago
Great job
6 months ago
Thanks, everyone! And an extra-big "Thank you very much!" to whoever featured this!
6 months ago
Very well made!
The writer in me wants to know what the story behind this is
6 months ago
D_R: Thank you! Well, I guess I should write something. Hm, that gives me an idea . . .
6 months ago
I love the render! (Can you show me how to do the sky???) I just made a brender- It took me *Cough* an hour *cough*.
6 months ago
SlimBrick1: Thank you!

Lego_Tron: Thanks! I rendered it without any background and added the background from stock footage in a photo editor (I used Pixlr E). If you don't want to do that, there's an option to change the background from a solid color to an image, so it'll render with that already there.

LegoMaster707: Thanks! I don't know about that.
6 months ago
Houston, we have a problem! Operator's builds are getting too good!
6 months ago
Nice renders Op!
6 months ago
Thanks! Actually, the funny thing is, 2 of my featured models were actually just builds that I made for minifigures. They weren't even supposed to be MOCs.

MrBrick: Thanks! Well, I had to post something on Flickr. XD
6 months ago
Oh- Okay! (I've never tried using Pixlr to do an edit- I'll try!)
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