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Mecabricks Legend, SnapStudios
Published 12 months ago
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SnapStudios, a guy who lives in Ohio, and who’s given name is Snaptoit.

Guys I have to say it, there’s something special about Snaptoit. He’s like the basic dude that means more than half of the stories worth. He’s just got the unique character to him that, though he’s nothing flashy, is just irreplaceable. Oh man… I have blood on my shirt…
… my sister cut herself and I picked her up… that will need to be washed, anyways that’s beside the point.

Snap is an encouragement, motivator, and fun guy to hang around. He was one of the first guys to greet me on here, and my first ever Vice President… back when the elections were still a thing. I’ve really enjoyed Snap’s friendship, and am looking forward to seeing what crazy idea he pulls me into next… that is… well, I don’t know that he’s really ever pulled me into a crazy idea… but there’s a first time for everything!

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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12 months ago
Wow, such a nice fig!!
The description is awesome too!!
12 months ago
He is a legend!

Awesome fig!
12 months ago
@Laxious Thank you


@Chuck Without a smidgin of a doubt
12 months ago
Timeout, His real name is Snaptoit?! Nevermind. He truly is a legend and a BIG help.
He is also a good photographer!
12 months ago
@Slim well... Anyways yes, he is good a photography and what not
12 months ago
Awesome, Greenie! I hope you don't mind this, but his username is SnapStudio, not SnapStudios (no "s" on the end).
12 months ago
Oh, wow.

Thank you very much, bro!


Not sure what else to say . . . so, thank you again!
12 months ago
@Operator Thank you! Oh, and yes... #No(S)ForSnap... and um, yeah, that will be fixed... um... later.

@Snap You're welcome bro! I tried to stick a gun in the case but, it didn't fit O_O... so... you're an empty bagger
12 months ago
...Maybe he has a pamphlet for his yoga classes?
12 months ago
...perhaps... or maybe he's just hauling illegal dust...
12 months ago

I sure hope not!

Unless he wants me to take away his breathing privileges...
12 months ago
Yes, probably an IMPOSSIBLE YOGA
12 months ago
the engineer is engi-here
11 months ago
I'd hate to have my illegal dust confiscated-I-I mean wha? COOL MODEL AND LOOK AT THE SECRET TURTLE BEHIND HIM! *jumps out of a window*
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