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Doctor Who: Chess Set
Published 1 year ago
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Doctor Who and the Daleks are about to do battle.... on the chess board!

On the Doctor's side, the pawns are represented by the Doctor's faithful robotic dog K-9, the rook is the (virtually) impregnable TARDIS, the knight is a micro build of the TARDIS console, the bishop is the Doctor's vintage roadster Bessie, while the King and Queen are the 7th Doctor and his companion Ace.

Against him, on the Dalek's side, is literally an entire army of Daleks - 15 of them! The pawns are the classic blue and silver Daleks, the rooks are the tank-like Special Weapons Daleks, the knight is a white "Imperial" Dalek, the bishop is a Red Dalek from the classic 1965 movie, and the queen is a silver-and-gold studded black Dalek from the same film. The king is none other than Davros, the twisted creator of the Daleks.

To try and help players keep track of what each piece is and how it moves, the designs include little hints about their purpose. The white dalek is hovering up a flight of stairs, as a reminder that it is a knight and can therefore hop over other pieces. Similarly, the Doctor's TARDIS console can dematerialise, also hopping over other pieces as it makes the knight's move. The Dalek queen is the only Dalek with a freely spinning dome/eyestalk, reflecting its ability to move in any direction.

This chess set was originally designed several years ago, but I was inspired to take another look at it after finding the beautiful custom printed Doctor Who minifigures available from minifigs.me. I've tremendously enjoyed polishing up the display bases, and taking advantage of some new parts to refine the miniatures.
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4 months ago
Though, again, personal opinion
23 models | 7.6k views
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