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Published 1 year ago
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The Repairman can fix pretty much any official device or MOC across Legoland that has a screen or any electric bricks in it. He specializes in enterprise computers, scientific lab, and aeronautics equipment but occasionally helps out his local shop owners and neighborhood residents.

Repairman comes equipped with a full toolkit, complete with a tool holder, a special cart to move it around, and a few specialized devices! The Troubleshooter™ zaps all bugs out of electromagnetic devices and helps in retrieving diagnostics and error messages. A fully wireless device comes with a rechargeable battery pack—an extra one is conveniently mounted on top of the tool holder inside his cart, ready to go.

For particularly difficult cases, or whenever all the legal Lego maintenance techniques fail, the Repairman turns to his trusted iDevice™. This machine crunches even decrypted data and a raw output from any electronics, including space and alien machinery, with high-performance NanoComputation Bricks hidden underneath gold-plated cooling globes. The iDevice has a large touchscreen to control numerous settings and features.

Currently, you can see the Repairman working on the old and quirky Cash Machine that the official LEGO City warranty engineers gave up on. He already extracted one of the logic boards inside, which is plugged into his laptop and being diagnosed. In the meantime, he also checks the rest of the machine with a Troubleshooter, just to make sure he didn't miss anything.
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