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Chapter 13
Published 3 months ago
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Okay, please me honest... is my writing declining
. I'm starting to feel very unsatisfied with the words on the page... maybe I'm just rushing it... but really, I'm not liking my work

It was just frustrating, no, no more than that. It was, Operator groaned and buried his face in his hand. He’d just got off a radio call with Gman and Lax, they’d been attacked, and taken shelter in what Lax called a ‘Safe Room’. Now they had to rethink things, but that wasn’t the worst. Operator had been forced to leave his Minecraft game, without saving his work again! He’d been playing for, well, he didn’t know how long. He’d found diamonds, built a huge stronghold, and much much more. It was all lost though, and he was back to living in a small dirt house, and with mostly stone tools.

“You done yet?” Ninjacatz asked from a table behind Op’s chair.

“Wut… oh, I guess.” He turned and shut the computer off. “What do ya need bro.”

“You wanna see a card trick,” he shuffled the deck in his hands.

“Uh, sure. What’s the jazz?”

“Okay, so, usually they would say ‘pick a card any card’, you know, something like that; however this trick is different—” a sudden noise cut him off, an electric pulsing noise.

“What on earth!” Operator said, turning towards the door which was now surrounded in jerky bits of lightning. Boom! It suddenly flew across the room and in flipped two very familiar ninja. “Kai and Jay!” He shouted in shock, his head spinning and boiling at the same time.

“The one and only,” Kai said with a wink.

“The two and only,” his blue partner said with a following wink, which seemed redundant. “There are tow of us.”

“But that’s enough show, y’all weren’t supposed to run ahead,” a voice said from behind, and in shuffled four more figures. The voice belonged to a confident yet humble looking knight. “I’m assuming you’re the Operator?” He asked respectfully.

“Uh, yes. Yes I’m the Operator.”

“Are your security systems down?”

“Um…” Operator suddenly felt a since of dread, and looked over at one of the monitors, alerts were streaming across the screen like wildfire. “No, sorry, I’ve been busy.”

“Yeah, it took him eight tries to get that one Dimond. It was in a really tricky spot, surrounded by creepers.” The tone in Catz voice, though seemingly casual, was just perky enough to reveal his purposeful jab at Operator. At least to most.

“Sounds interesting,” the knight said, “but I think I should introduce myself. I’m KnightofElabor.”

The next half hour included the introductions of both teams, even though only two of Operators were current at the moment, one of those including himself, a small tour of some of the more important locations in the ship, and a few calls with Lego_Lover and both rescue teams. Time seemed to go slow, yet not incredibly. Catz showed a few card tricks, all of which KoE seemed to know, in fact, he seemed to know a lot: how to manage the controls, where to find stuff, what people were doing behind his back. It annoyed Operator a bit, he liked feeling like the one in control, but nevertheless he was grateful for the companionship.

“Is the anything more we can do but wait?” The knight asked.

“We can plan, I have a feeling our actual presence might be needed before this is all over; yours at least. I prefer to stay with my ship.”

Knight nodded, and then sat down around a table with the others, and began to discuss. Suddenly, not more than four minutes after being seated, the entire ship lurched and began to vibrate.

“What in all of Elabor,” KoE said, jumping to his feet and looking out the window. Nothing appeared to be there.

“Over here!” J2fam said, looking out one of the smaller windows off to the side. The others followed him, and soon saw the cause of the movement.

“Great,” Operator whispered. The enemy ship had approached without their realization, and now was pulling them in with its tractor beam. Though the MeltingBrick was a massive ship, the other was much larger.

“Got any fun ideas?” Kai asked. They were approaching fast, and Op’s mind was full of thoughts that swarmed like flies over bad meat.

“I’ve got one, it’s called fighting.” KoE said this in his normal tone, yet fringed now with the utmost seriousness. “As soon as this thing docks we jump out and—”

“Fiyaaa!” Kai yelled, igniting an orange flame in his hand.

“Well, I suppose that will be included.”

A muffled coughing sound came from the back of the room, and Random dude was seen leaning up against the wall with his fist over his mouth. “I’ve got a better idea, if you care to listen.”

“Honestly,” Jay began, “you’ve proven to be worthless this entire time so—”

“Whoa whoa whoa…” KoE jumped in while lifting his hands. “Tearing each other apart isn’t going to help anything. Let’s give him a shot, maybe there is a reason he’s done nothing but stand around. Random dude, what do you have for us?”

“Well,” he stood straight and stretched for a second, giving the impression of a hinge that hadn’t been put to work in years, and now needed to move back and forth to loosen up, “I can telepathically communicate with Greenie, and I can also read his mind. His account hosts me, so I have special privileges. Anyways, I’ll break some disturbing new to y’all, he’s evil.”

“What!” Ninjacatz said, looking horrified.

“Yeah, but not willingly. Lord_Phantom, the ruler of all this, he got a hold of the poor fella and wiped his mind… sorta. He basically reprogramed it to obey the lord’s bidding. He also knows the ins and outs of their ship. Because he knows the place, and because I have access to his mind, I know how to get us anywhere at any given moment.”

“That’s all good and bad, at the same time, but…” Operator trailed off, the fact that Greenie had turned was really bothering him. What could he do as an enemy? He shook this off and continued. “There is probably going to be a massive guard out there when we dock, how do we get passed that?”

“Cyberninja, you have them onboard right? Let them do their damage, along with anyone else who wants to stay behind and fight. The rest of us will get to wherever as soon as possible, they just need to give us a clear and covered path.”

Operator nodded, and at that very moment there was a massive jolt which sent everyone to the floor.

“Congratulations everyone,” KoE said while lifting himself up to dismiss the deck, “we’ve landed.”


Lax, MrBrick, Pyro, and FireBlade made it down with much hesitation and shakiness. There was still about a fifteen foot drop, even after Guitarman2 and the others had stacked the crates in a safe position; they had gotten down safely though, and that’s what mattered.

“Where in all of Elabor did you get the mustache!” Chuck asked in astonishment.

“What, oh, wait, what is Elabor?” MrBrick inquired back, ignoring Chuck’s question.

“Idda know, just something random. Where did the stash come from though!”

MrBrick was very reluctant to answer, and to his annoyance FireBlade wasn’t. He spilled out everything, even details MrBrick hadn’t noticed himself, like the spit up that ‘his’ child had drooled out on his shoulder. Everyone, except MrBrick of course, seemed to get a kick out of this, at least until another large thud stole away their interest.

“How much time do we have Lax?” Gman asked.

“About an hour, it will take them forever to burst this door open. So we can figure out how to get everyone up to my tunnel and—”

Bang! The door suddenly exploded, the force knocking everyone to the ground and filling the air with smoke and dust. Those who hadn’t had the wind knocked out from their lungs began coughing, and trying to look around. Things cleared in seconds, revealing a massive guard before them, however, it wasn’t the guard that caught their attention, but the leader of the guard.

“Greenflame!” Pyro yelled in shock, for before them, lightsaber in hand, stood their friend.

“Kill them,” he said bitterly, and instantly a hail of firepower rained upon the room.

“Some hour!” Gman yelled, ducking behind one of the previously stacked crates that had toppled over during the explosion.

“I don’t know what happened,” Lax yelled back, following him and pulling out his own blaster to retaliate against the onslaught. “Really, these things are supposed to withstand anything!”

Flash! Everyone covered their eyes as a massive bright orange light filled the room, fire. Pyro had leapt into the air and unleashed a wave of flames upon their foes. Greenie had been spared, but much of the guard hadn’t, that mattered little though, more would come in a matter of seconds. Pyro readied himself for another shot, but suddenly fell to his knees, very light headed. Something had suddenly wiped his energy, if must have been his power. Zap! Something struck his chest, causing him to looked forward through foggy eyes before collapsing dead on the floor.

“No!” His brother shouted, running forward to look at his brother, lasers flying past in the open space around him. He fought back tears, looked up, and ignited two blades of fire. “Evil beasts!” He screamed, rushing forward and meeting the attack head on.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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3 months ago
i could be also the very last one to see this
3 months ago
if no one sees this model i forgot to say that
3 months ago
Ahh, there goes another one.
to be honest, I'm surprised I lasted this long

Great chapter!
3 months ago
Oh no! Poor old Fireblade! Seeing Pyro's demise almost made me punch the computer screen.

As for the writing, the same thing happened to me with Riders of Promise. I'd probably suggest taking your time and double checking your work. That helped me.
3 months ago
ayyy nice!! hey, i'd say the writing was pretty good dude. . . well possibly not the last paragraph. i couldn't read it cuz of the tears in my eyes. . . o_o but otherwise i thought it was solid!!

(also, thank you for giving me the best oneliners
3 months ago
@Greenie: After Death's Door, I haven't really been satisfied with any of my writing, so I feel your pain.
You're doing great though!
3 months ago
Hello Greenflame24,

Just why you add the chapters ? With the characters ?
3 months ago
Awesome Story!!

Aaaand here is where I describe the chills I received for reading the ending!
3 months ago
Whoa... so... I gotta a lot to respond too. Hmm...
Well, thanks for all the complements and suggestions...

@ZicFriz Because, it just helps separate my chapter models from my other models

Anyways, thanks y'all!!!!!! If I didn't answer any questions or anything... just ask it again.
3 months ago
For the same models on the chapters. Do you have chapters 1 through 13 or 14? For the link of the chapter model.

And you have 17k views
3 months ago
How have I not seen this yet!
3 months ago
I shall avenge thee dear brother, Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la
3 months ago
I'm still alive!!

I myself think you're doing really good with the writing.
Just keep practicing!
3 months ago
hey @Snap, We're staying alive buddies!
3 months ago
Just @SnapStudios , pls stop spaming. Ok
3 months ago
@Guys He wasn't spamming, just trying to figure out the emojis.

@ZicFriz Um... not sure...

@Snap&Fireblade Oh, well, you're alive for now
How many people do you think will die before this is all over?
3 months ago
For the same models on the chapters. Do you have chapters 1 through 13 or 14? For the link of the chapter model.

And you have 17k views
3 months ago
I'm waiting to answer me pls
3 months ago
I'm guessing Op's power is intercepting calls from anywhere, which would be VERY useful.
*crosses fingers and hopes he's right*
3 months ago
@ZicFriz Maybe I'm just loosing it O_O... but I honestly can't understand what you're asking... sorry

Also, yeah!
. Can't wait to get 20K

@Justy... um... well... you will see
3 months ago
Justy: I honestly have no clue what my power would be. Actually, I do have something quite obvious, but it would only work as a distraction tool in the story. And it would only make people even angrier, so I doubt it'll ever be "canon".

Anyways, awesome chapter, Greenie! Just know that I'm never satisfied with anything I write.
Pyro's death was quite sad, honestly. I definitely can't wait to see the aftermath of all this.
3 months ago
I feel like everyone in this story might die accept GreenFlame.
3 months ago
For your models on the chapters. Do you have chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and 13 or 14? For the link of the chapter model because I need to look your models of chapters.

And you have 17k views
3 months ago
@Gold_Link Ah! Okay, what you need to do is go the the Library, and search in the tags CyberFlame. If you do that it will show all of my chapters in order
3 months ago
@Greenflame24, just a error 'Gold_Link' is not, its Gold_Ink for ink.

Can help me the links of your models chapters for title 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and13.
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