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International Lunar Research Station
Published 5 months ago
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Built cooperatively by several major space agencies between 2005 and 2008, the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) was the smaller and more distant cousin of the ISS. The ILRS was constructed as part of the Artemis lunar program of the 2000s, which required an orbital waystation over Luna to support surface operations. By necessity its initial design was more compact and lightweight than the ISS, but when the first push for long-term lunar habitation came, it was expanded to serve as the Deep Space Gateway. The ILRS was near-continuously inhabited by a human crew from the start of the long-term Luna program in 2010 until it was eventually decommissioned in 2064, having been replaced in 2060 by Lunaport. Upon decommissioning, the ILRS was towed to its current resting orbit around Earth-Moon L4 with the ISS.

This station is entirely fictional; one of many fictional spacecraft I've created here for my hard science fiction universe, The Diaspora. Sadly the recent-historical events mentioned in this description never happened, though you can read more about this alternate-history/prospective-future here: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/diaspora-spyglassrealms
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5 months ago
Cool! I hope they could make this a thing for the future Artemis Program of our timeline. If it comes to fruition. The only thing is that it doesn't really have to be a wheel, it is in space so it doesn't really need to be necessarily a round-like design but it is a spectacle and helps to differ it from the ISS. Good Model.
5 months ago
Never mind about that comment. I didn't realize there was a differently designed ISS model.
Both of them are still very impressive. I checked out the diaspora realm and I think it is very interesting. Anyway, still a good model.
5 months ago
Thanks for the kind words folks!
5 months ago
@FieryRobin Thanks so much! The "wheel" in question is a pseudo-gravity centrifuge, meant to provide an environment of gravity-mimicking rotational force to help astronauts maintain their health during long-term stays in space. It's the same mechanism seen on my UNMS Athena, and a similar but much larger mechanism will be featured on an upcoming model of mine!
4 months ago
Hmm... I would love to see it! Also, I think you could could do a model of the International Mars Research Station. That would be an awesome build for you paste in to the logo similar to this model. Yeah, I do pay much attention on the diaspora website and mecabricks.
4 months ago
@FieryRobin actually, I do in fact have a completed model of the IMRS in my files right now! I'm just pacing myself with posting, since I like to give my models time to gain exposure. I posted EOS a few days ago and honestly that's the one I'm most pleased with so I'll let it star on my page for a little while before I post another model.
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