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500 Models / My Favorite TV Shows! (Part 2) [@StillInspiredByMr.Freak]
Published 2 months ago
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I know it’s kind of lazy to do the same thing as #400, but lately, I’ve been watching a lot of great shows. And I really wanted to recreate some of these scenes, so… HERE YOU GO!

Credit still goes to my main man @SlimBrick1 for the original design!

SHERLOCK (Series 2, Episode 3: “The Reichenbach Fall”)

Sherlock and Moriarty come to an intellectual understanding, and shake hands right before the CRAZINESS breaks loose.

(Man, this episode was so unpredictable. Just in terms of plot twists and emotional stakes, it might be the best TV episode I’ve seen. I would’ve been more satisfied with this as the finale—actually killing off Sherlock, like in the books—than “The Final Problem”… Geez, series 4 ruined the entire show.

[Also, the Minifig designs were inspired by @KnightofElabor.]

THE OFFICE (US) [Season 7, Episode 1: “Nepotism”]

Dwight beheads Phyllis’ teddy bear, Michael shows off his magic kit, and Andy just vibes along during the “lip dub” opening.

(There were SO MANY amazing moments I could’ve chosen from…but it seemed like this would fill the triangular space in the best-looking way. Everybody talks about seasons 3 & 5, but 7 has some of the best episodes.)

AVATAR: THE LEGEND OF KORRA (Book 3: Change, Episode 13: “Venom of the Red Lotus”)

Jinora is anointed as an Airbending master. I didn’t want to use clipping, but…what’re you gonna do?

(I love this scene because Aang and the other Airbender Avatars were inside Korra—somewhere—and that tear probably represented all of their pride. It was a perfect ending to the third season. Also, the musical score

WANDAVISION (Disney+) [Season 1, Episode 8: “Previously On”]

Wanda creates The Hex, and is reunited with Vision in her sitcom fantasy.

(For a “superhero tale”, this entire show was really heavy…
One of the most thoughtful things Marvel’s created, probably.)


I really wanted to recreate the dance-off scene, (I’ve rewatched it an unhealthy amount of times
) but I couldn’t make the Minfigs without custom parts and clipping.

(So instead, it’s just Timbercat Village under starlight, while Kipo prowls in Mega-Jaguar form. No particular episode, just a fun micro-build.)

VEGGIETALES (“The Wonderful World of Auto-Tainment”)

The iconic “W E E D E A T E R” scene, where Rusty and Ventrilomatic predict internet humor.
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2 months ago
Congrutulations, my fellow human being! 500. Dang, that's a lot.
2 months ago
Congratulations! All great shows expect for the two I haven’t seen.
2 months ago
Ducky - Indeed. It’s nearly 12 times larger than 42.

Tails - Yep, I’m just like you Muggles. Except I can teleport, read moving newspapers, brew YUMMY JUICE in a cauldron, and shoot a jet of fire from a flimsily stick of wood.

(JK, bigotry is wrong! And being wrong is for Muggles.

Veers - Thank you!

Supes - Kipo and Korra, I presume? If you say VeggieTales, I’ll be slightly offended. °-°
2 months ago
Congratulations on 500 models!
Hopefully we can watch you reach 1000
2 months ago
T.O.S.H. - Thank you!
Coldplay - Thanks!
2 months ago
Awesome! And did you joke on the Hack?
If you did, thank you for not doing it. (Or even faking it for that matter.)
1 month ago

I haven't watched any of these shows... O_O
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