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Published 1 month ago
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Ever since we joined MecaBricks.com, we have done nothing but make it better. It's amazing to see how it's changed over the past month, with new pieces, new models, but most importantly, how much we've grown. We've all started out a little nervous, but we always get used to it. And my adventure started with this comment by ApocalypticBrick: "You would be great in Stranger Things." I just wanted to thank everyone on MecaBricks for making it better, by uploading new cool models, all the supportive comments, and everything else. But there's one person who changed my whole life. Scrubs. If he never had made MecaBricks, I would be stuck with real life Lego. I wouldn't have unlimited pieces, I wouldn't be able to pose the minifigures in any other way, but most importantly, I wouldn't really have anything else to do. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all smiling face with heart-shaped eyes

- MMB (Make MecaBricks Better)-
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1 month ago
WHAT A SPEACH!! *cries in happiness* loudly crying face
4 weeks ago
Uh... We all may have made it a LITTLE better....
4 weeks ago
Wonderful speech! Hear! Hear!
4 weeks ago
How did you do that crying thing?
:,) :,( :') :,o :'o
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