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My 300th Model Celebration...
Published 1 month ago
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Ok guys. This is it: 300 MODELS! face screaming in fear
AND! I also now officially have 270 RENDERS! Face with open mouth
So, let me give you a Speech! smiling face with smiling eyes

The day is May 16th, 2019. I stumbled upon this here Website. I thought;
"Wow, I wonder what this could be?"
I check it out. I see some pretty cool stuff. I had really set my Eyes on the Workshop though. So, I simply click there. I see this AWESOME looking 3D Workspace! Which, at the time I thought was WAY better than BrickLink's Stud.io! face with tears of joy
So, I started messing around. Started watching some of @Scrub 's Videos on YouTube. I got to learn how to use the Workshop.
And, then, eventually. I started Rendering. As, I had seen from AB (@ApocalypticBrick) that Rendering was really cool! So, I simply started doing it. And, at the time I thought it actually costed REAL Money. So, I confess, some of my really old Renders were actually Screen-shotted. disappointed face
Which, I'm not very proud of. But, I promise you now. All of them are NOT Screen-Shotted. And instead are Downloaded! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
So, I'm not going to go through my Life-Story of JUST doing that. As, it would take up a lot of this, so..... winking face
Moving on; These are the Friends that I met early-on.
So, I first met @ApocalypticBrick, who is a really nice Guy! (Here's his Account! winking face ) (https://mecabricks.com/user/ApocalypticBrick)
So, I met him. And, as I said earlier; that's how I started Rendering.
(And now I have 270 of them! face with tears of joy )
And then, I met CJ. Who, I have to say; he was the most inspiring person I've ever met here! I thought he was really Awesome! As, he made AMAZING Ninjago Customs. So, I also liked his designs, and techniques. As, I had used them, and mentioned them a-lot in my Models, whenever I did use them.
And, even I inspired him sometimes! (He ACTUALLY said I have in certain Models. winking face )
So, remember the whole "Neon Ninja" rigamarole?
Welp, he did indeed say in the Description that it was from my inspiration! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Which, the inspiration came from my Storyline; "The Mystery Ninja"
which, did take a while to end, I have to say! smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
And then, he maid he perspective from "The Apocalypse" and started making that. And then stopped. (But, he said that he WILL do a Reboot of the story. After 'The Corruption'. winking face ) *If I'm correct! face with tears of joy *
So, anyways, I don't really remember who I met after that. But, I have made TONS of more Friends since! As, here is a list of all of my Friends, and people I have met:
TheCJbricker10, ApocalypticBrick, MOCmaster, BrickBot2.0, j2fam77, JmanBricks, srant_eye (He just joined), CommanderBrick, WyndGekko, GavGeist, TG_ProductionsTM (PLEASE DON'T CHANGE YOU USERNAME AGAIN, BECAUSE THEN I HAVE TO COME BACK AND CHANGE IT AGAIN! ;==; ),
*Inhales, exhales*
Legozavr, Frenchfry207, Ethan.J.Bricks, Cliff_Guy404, ArmoredBricks, NANSBRICK, TheCalcMan, Cowboy123, PenaGelada, Bishop1859, XForce198, ChipTheBuilder, Sleepy17, Citrine, Samino (who REALLY helped me when I was learning how to use Blender, so. BIG Shoutout to him! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes ), MasterBricks, BrickBoy8102, SirNerdz, AwesomeBrix78, RangerWilly216, Lego_User, Scrubs? face with tears of joy ,
And, I think that's about it! As, that is A LOT of People right there! *Phew!* smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
So, back onto the Speech-sorta-thing:
I started making Renders and such. And then, I did something which was probably my Favorite thing I've done here ever! smiling face with smiling eyes
Helping people! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
If you don't know. I have helped many people, or inspired. And, that's one of my favorite things. Now, I don't mean to be weird ALL OVER JUST THIS. But, I do like expressing how I feel! To know that I have all of these Friends like you. I'm glad to be in this Community. smiling face with smiling eyes
I've loved Lego's ever since I was just about 3-4 Years old. So, I think it's truly a way to express, and create. And build whatever you want!
As, you probably know my newest Series as of now: "The Antarctic Apocalypse Story". I do stuff like that. Because, Lego's can help me create with whatever I want! (Nearly) So, I use it as a Tool for me.
That's why I've tried to practice posing so much, and my Writing, and literature! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

So, that's it for now, I guess. As, I just want to say: Thank you.
You all have truly let me into the Community. smiling face with open mouth

So, I probably know what you're thinking:
Settle down. I will make a HUGE Party with everybody there! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
So, if you want to be in it: Please, comment, PM me, or ask! smiling face with open mouth

Well, that's it for now. Except, oh, darn'it. WHAT WAS IT THAT I WAS THINKING OF?! Hmm, I think it was...
OH YEAH! There will be a new Series after I finish TAAS, which will be called:
"The Legacy of Lightning" Hosted by me, Lego_Lover. smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
(There will soon be a little Teaser for that soon, so, stick around for that. winking face )

That's it! I hope you liked this rather LONG Post! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
And, thank you for letting me in. All of you here are truly Awesome! smiling face with open mouth

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1 month ago
1 month ago
Just kidding, CONGRATULATIONS. I was getting teary reading the description. *sniffs*
1 month ago
AB; face with tears of joy Thank you! I meant it very much. "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!" smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
CJ; CAN'T STOP ME! ;==; face with tears of joy
1 month ago
Alright L_L, I know you are excited... But lets' not get TOO immature....
*I say as I start humming the tune, then jumps up and starts yelling/dancing to the beat.*
1 month ago
New Render!
I really wanted a lot of people to see this. So, yeah! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 month ago
GOSH, WHAT IS THIS POST TURNING INTO?! smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
1 month ago
When I got here: published 7 minitues ago
When I finished reading the novel Lego_Lover wrote in the description: published 7 years ago
Congrats man, this is a huge accomplishment! Cant wait to see the celebration model! party popper
1 month ago
*minutes smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
btw, cant wait to see the new series!
1 month ago
All I can think is:
Wow that is a lot of writing
1 month ago
Congratulations, I read through the whole thing.
It was sure heartwarming...
....And You're welcome/Thank you!

Also can I be in the model!
1 month ago
Aww! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

Big congratulations!!! smiling face with open mouth
1 month ago
Wow, nice speech bro! And congrats! You only joined in May 2019 and you already have 300 models and 270 renders! You are something else. But yes I would be honored for you to put my Sig-Fig in the party! winking face
1 month ago
Party, did someone say party? I woke up very early this morning and have had way to much sugar and caffeine today, so that sounds great! JK, congrats on 300 models, that crazy, great job, I can’t wait for TLOL! thumbs up sign
1 month ago
Wow, big congrats dude! I gotta make myself a party-suit...
Actually, I'm surprised I don't have one already.
Once again, big CONGRATULATIONS, and thanks for mentioning me!
party popper party popper confetti ball balloon birthday cake fireworks
1 month ago
That's real nice of you! And yes I would like to be in the party. smiling face with open mouth
1 month ago
Sorry it took me 21 hours to FINALLY get here!
No offense L_L BUT when I was reeding the description I had to turn on the Chain! face with tears of joy
JK its fine. great description btw!
1 month ago
Oh and you thought I forgot, HUGE CONGRATS ON 300 MODELS AND 17.5K VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 month ago
Thank you so much everyone! I seriously can't thank you enough! smiling face with open mouth
E.J.B; Yeah, uh sorry. ;==; I was trying to get all of my Words out! smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
1 month ago
But, seriously that song though. speak-no-evil monkey
"IF YOU DIDN'T LOVE ME--" face with tears of joy
1 month ago
You make your 'Corruption' chapter, and after that do your new series, ONLY THEN WILL I JOIN.
1 month ago
I would like to part of the model smiling face with open mouth
1 month ago
congrats on 300! (didn't see this the other day since my pc completely failed me yesterday)
1 month ago
I better be in this model! Jk, seriously though, make sure I'm in it. angry face
1 month ago
Congrats on 300 models! That is a lot of Mecabricks in only a few months winking face
1 month ago
I have a challenge for Ya’ll. Use this hashtag as much as you can:


Believe me, just do it. And if you only do it once, do it on November 6th.
1 month ago
Yes please L_L!
Can I be in it!
smiling face with open mouth
1 month ago
You're welcome, and while it's happening, I'm also requesting to be in the model! winking face grinning cat face with smiling eyes
1 month ago
CONGRATULATIONS, Lego_Lover! Great speech! (And I appreciate the call out) I can't believe you've only been on since May, you've really become a great render artist/builder in a short time! And I would love to be in the party/new series! And congrats, again!
1 month ago
Dang everybody. You all are so Awesome! smiling face with open mouth
And, yes, everybody you see in the Description should be there! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 month ago
"The Legacy of Lightning"

It's going to be about Jay from Ninjago, isn't it?
1 month ago
No, it won't! face with tears of joy
It's actually going to be about me! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
But, it will be a new Series! winking face
1 month ago
Sorry TG. I picked mine, because I was quite proud of it. smiling face with smiling eyes
But, I will try to get in some of the one's from the Community next time, or after. winking face
2 weeks ago
Yes, you are more than Welcome! smiling face with open mouth
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