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Juggernaut (Short Story included)
Published 2 months ago
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I walked forward, the Russian's bullets had no effect. Their grenades knocking me down, but I got back up every time. One man charged me, but I just bowled him over. Any of them that dared stick their head above cover was met with a bullet, so most of them blind-fired, hitting one of their comrades every now and then. I knocked down a barricade and stormed a position, mowing down everyone. When I ran out of ammo, I resorted to hand to hand combat. Kicks, punches, anything to knock them down and get them out of my way. I pinned one against a stack of sandbags.

Soldier: L-Let me buy you round of vodka! O-On m-me!

Me: Where are they!

The soldier pointed at a trapdoor in the ground and I dropped him.

Me: Tell your comrades the wall is coming, and he will stop for nothing.

I opened the door and dropped down, and was soaked in darkness.

Little story, but it wasn't that great. Guns by Simal, and I got the guns from Guitarman2's ICF Announcement/Intro model.
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2 months ago
I'm sorry, but you should credit the original designer of the guns, which isn't @Guitarman2 or me. It's @SimaI. Cool story!
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