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Sci-Fi RPG, the raid: chapter 1!!!
Published 1 month ago
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“Captain Kwol, we need to brief you on our next raid on the Enforcers.”

“Right away.” Kwol turned from the hologram projector and made his way to the bridge where the leaders of the Starblade alliance were held.

“I think we all know the problem here"

"wus at?" burped a fat observer.

"fuel you idiot fuel. the only supply shuttle is here. Otherwise we’ll be dead in the water, please excuse the metaphor. back to business this particular supply ship has an extremely thick outer layer of armor; there are two large escape pods here and here.”

“Excuse me sir, but why not face it head on? I mean the Axel should be able to penetrate their armor. Right?” asked Kwol

“Yes but the Axel is at the moment attending the distress call on Haiba-VII so no we can’t. plus this supply shuttle would be an invaluable asset to our cause. And if we did, we'd most definitely damage the cargo in the effort.”

“Point made General.” replied General Gash.

The hologram enlarged to reveal the passages inside the supply shuttle.

“There'll be several guards” he pointed to the long hallways, at most 10 elite Enforcer troopers. Captain Cove you will be leading the infiltrati-
At that moment 5 people entered the room, all of them wore heavy armor black with red highlights. They had two swords strapped across their hips and long blasters on their backs.
“Ah welcome, these will be helping you with the infiltration. We've issued an alliance with StarBeam to help us with the raid.”
“What's the catch commissioner? You don’t get StarBeam commandos for free.”
“They just wanted some of the spoils, nothing much.”
“I see…” which sounded more like he didn’t “But what if there are more guards than accounted for-”

“I’ve already added 5 to the amount that I thought there would be, and we have these,” he gestured to the commandos, leaning against the wall. “Trust me there won’t be any trouble.”

He gave him a long stare

As I was saying, You’ll take these ships back and secure yourselves docking bay here, and then move through this to the bridge, kill only when necessary, we’re not terrorists. Once you’ve taken control of the bridge, make the crew evacuate, the code for the evacuation is 62049. Once they have left, seize the ship and dock her onto ours. We'll be waiting in the Bhun quadrant, any questions?”

“Are you sure that the supply ship has fuel?”

He rolled his eyes at the man who announced this. “Do you have clearance to attend this meeting ranger West?”

“No sir,” he left the room.

“Anyone else?”

“As he said, are you sure this has fuel?”

“Of course I’m sure!” snapped the commissioner

“Then I guess that's all.” said General Gash.

The generals left the meeting table, Captain Cove went to the hanger followed by the StarBeam and his squad(who’d been listening at the door.) They made their way to the hangar, the boarding ship had been prepared for them. The hanger was big, not as big as the one on the Axel but big nonetheless, in the corner there were several shelves holding things from spare engines to spoons. A weapon rack hung from the adjacent wall.
“Alright men suit up, we've got 30 minutes to tell our opening.”
Cove walked over to the weapon rack, he grabbed a blaster and strapped the hustler on his hip, then he pulled an Axe off of the wall which revealed a panel he punched in several numbers and the panel swung away, billows of steam fell out of it. Inside it lay two blades. They were pure black. Bright yellow patterns around them made up the form of a Dragon, the hilt was made of a dark colored wood. He drew the sword from the secret hold. One of the swords ignited in a yellow fire for a moment then died down. He swung them around twice, then strapped them in a scabbard at his side.

30 minutes later

The ship's engines ignited a barely luminous burst of energy. The ship was small, only big enough to fit 15.
“initiating stealth mode.”

The ship vanished from sight, all that could make them think that there was a ship there was the flags moving wildly from the repulse of the engine.

“Strap in!” called Wryn from the cockpit. The ship shot from the hanger and slung into the empty void of space.

“Men.” Cove announced. “We will be landing on the Cargo shuttle in 10 minutes.” triple check your weapons make sure they are ready. This mission is vital for the survival of StarBlade. If we fail we die.”

The squad groaned and went to get their weapons they began fingering around on them making sure everything fitted and was up to grade. Before long they were in viewing range of the immense Cargo shuttle.

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1 month ago
thanks guys, I'm thinkning about removing this then working on a better model then publishing it again cus the model's pretty bad. . . you have tell tomorrow to change my mind
1 month ago
The model is not at all bad, but if you'd like to change it, feel free.
1 month ago
The story was pretty good, but I actually hit the like button mostly cause I like the microbuild!
58 models | 2.4k views
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