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Attack on Titan Characters
Published 3 months ago
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A little while ago, I posted my buildable titans from the popular anime series Attack on Titan. On that post I said that I was also working on making minifigures of the main characters and would post them when I was done. Well, I'm not done, but I have finished 24 of them and I figured that was a big enough number to post. I tried to make them based mostly on the first three seasons because the characters who survive to season four get very different looks. At the same time, I didn't want to potentially spoil anything for someone who's a bit behind.
The characters from left to right are as follows:
Keith Shadis,
Marco Bott,
Annie Leonhart,
Bertolt Hoover,
Reiner Braun,
Jean Kirstein,
Connie Springer,
Sasha Braus,
Mr. Hannes,
Mikasa Ackerman,
Armin Arlet,
Eren Yeager,
Erwin Smith,
Commander Pixis,
Captain Levi,
Grisha Yeager,
Kenny Ackerman,
Floch Forester,
Adult Eren,
child Eren,
and child Mikasa.
Feel free to use these for whatever you want, but if you do, I'd like you to post a link to whatever it is in the comment section down below so that I can see it. More will be added when I get a chance to make them, but for now I hope you enjoy.

here's a link to the titans I made

If you like this, please consider checking out my account on Lego Ideas!
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3 months ago
These are fantastic! I especially like the printing on the Zeke figure
Great job!
3 months ago
Thank you, I'm glad you like them.
3 weeks ago
Is levi the small one
3 weeks ago
He's the little guy between Hange and Pixis.
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