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Character Stories: Captain Seers
Published 2 weeks ago
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Heavily Inspired by Kraus's characters stories.

Captain Seher

Real Name:
Captain Gregory S. Seers

"Gregory Seers was a normal child. Had good parents, and was always friendly toward everybody. He was punished when doing wrong, and was constantly helping people.
He grew up, not thinking he would join the military, but after Germany started WWII, and he was legal age to join, he enlisted."

War Stories:
"When he joined the United States military, he found himself training along side other soldiers who were to become spies in the Nazi German party.
When he was sent to Germany with fake ID, fake name, and with fake information, he became an officer in the German party. He was able to choose his own soldiers, and managed to gather together ONLY American German spies.
As he sent them to sabotage the Germans on the front, he was sent to The Führer's bunker. He found, and sent many Nazi plans to the American information offices via special lines.
One day as we went outside, German soldiers had found out about his spying, and pursued him. The German soldiers found themselves being fired at by a Captain Seer and his trusty Luger. As he was sending the last of plans that he had, he was captured, and sent to a rather terrible Camp.
He was recovered after the war, thin, and underfed. But he did have a full recovery. He was given multiple medals including the Purple Heart."

If you have any questions for me, Or Captain Seers, just ask.

Have a good day!
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