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Published 4 months ago
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1. TAILBONE UN-JURY! (It was an “un-jury”, because it wasn’t very serious)

Last week, my dad came to pick me up from dance class. But as I was walking to the car, I slipped on a patch of ice and wiped out, landing on my back! I hit the ground hard, and heard something crack underneath me. (But that was probably just the ice...) I was in an insane amount of pain, but luckily, I was a few steps away from the car, and just staggered inside. But when I got home, the un-jury got worse. I couldn’t stand, sit, lie down, or bend over without pain searing through my lower back (and heinie)…


But, (like I said) it wasn’t a serious injury—no broken bones, or anything—so, after a few days, the pain lessened. And now, I’m mostly back to normal! So…that’s good!

2. NO MORE CLONE WARS! *sniff*

So, I finished the first 3 seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
But my parents told me I can’t watch seasons 4-7, because it gets too dark, with the Nightsisters and everything. I trust them, (I guess…) but I’m still really sad. I was enjoying that show a lot.


As you can see, my new PFP is a variant of my Memoji! What do you think?
I know it’s not LEGO-related or anything, but I think it serves its purpose well.


If you haven’t seen/read it already… Now you know!

5. And lastly… MEEP! °-°
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4 months ago
Ouch! Glad you’re ok.
Yeah, trust your parents… I honestly regret watching some of the CW seasons. But jsyn, the final season is alright, and is the best one. So if you want, you could tell your parents that the last season is ok, and that you got the info from a person who doesn’t even approve of some of the stuff in The LEGO Batman Movie.
Again, just a suggestion.
4 months ago
Astro - Thanks! But don’t I need to watch the other seasons to see Season 7…? (I feel like I’d be confused…
4 months ago
No, you really don’t have to. Actually, give me a minute and I can look through season 6 and find the couple of clean episodes that you might want to see…
4 months ago
(Sorry it took awhile, I had to scan through the episodes and make sure they were ok)

Season six was pretty much pointless, but season five episodes 15 through 20 were all very essential to season seven’s plot. After scanning through them, they had nothing to do with the Night Sisters or the Hutt’s, eh, shows. And then all of season seven was perfectly fine. I hope you found that helpful.
4 months ago
I may have to explain this comment later
But here is some info for your mum and dad.

1. Clone wars seasons 4-7 do have some dark stuff, but here ya go.
Season 4: Episodes 1-18 have nothing bad in them, mostly siege related, but there is also some weird side episodes. Episodes 19-22 do have sorcery, I actually haven't seen 19 or 20 but the episodes with maul have sorcery. Not very much, but there is some. Maybe just ask your parents to skip that part? because both of those episodes are essential to Rebels, Solo, and the rest of the clone wars seasons.

2. All of season 5 is fine.

3. Season 6 episodes 8-13 may have magic/sorcery type parts, I haven't seen them so... I just skipped some episodes that weren't essential. https://www.kotaku.com.au/2021/07/the-essential-clone-wars-episodes-every-star-wars-fan-should-watch/ that link is the essential episodes.
4 months ago
Ow, i bet that hurt like a hurting bone... O_O
4 months ago
1- MEEP!
2- The same thing happened to me a few years back. It sucks.

3- Your pfp is... decent...
4 months ago
Yeah, listen to your parents but 3-7 aren’t that dark, (especially if you’ve watched the matrix, although there is a little bit of ‘Sorcery’ and other stuff.) but clone wars is good. Hope you get to watch it in the future. Glad you’re ok though.
4 months ago
Wow, that must've hurt..
To be honest, I don't think I've fell backwards...and now I don't want to think about it...XD
Well, hope you're ok now.

Also, the Clone Wars is really good. Currently, I'm in season 5, and it's not that dark, but it can share some...gruesome...moments. (but not that much) XD
4 months ago
the last one might've been kinda edgy but honestly it was better than this, but that's just my opinion
4 months ago
Also Clone Wars is definitely not darker then some of the newer MCU stuff.
4 months ago
Astro / Mr. F / LM / AAB / SuperPup - Okay, thanks for the advice! I’ll see if I can work something out with my parents…

Randy / Ducky / AAB - Thanks!
It healed pretty quickly, though…
Tails - *defensive tone* Yes, I do attend dance class. A very masculine dance class, where we practice electro swing, shuffle and other such masculine dance styles.
4 months ago
i watched all the clone wars and then werent bad
4 months ago
wiz: i wasn't making fun of you, i just never pictured you taking dance class.
4 months ago
Tails -
It’s okay, I wasn’t actually offended.
4 months ago
“A very m a s c u l I n e dance class”
-wizzing frisbee, 2022
4 months ago
Perfect timing: I just finished a model of the odd nicknames you weirdos have given me!
4 months ago
1. I'm going to be honest, I felt pain reading this.

2. Things get dark.
I mean, Dark.
While I have not seen all of it, it is kind of disturbing. This is coming from the clone wars guy.

3. I wondered where that pfp came from.

4. Jttem eh?
Time for research.
4 months ago
Sorry about clone wars and your tailbone but glad you are feeling better and MEEP!
4 months ago
general grevious in clone wars is probably the coolest thing ever
he always looks like he's bored while fighting
4 months ago
Your parents should reconsider. Clone Wars isn't too dark. I watched it back when it was on Netflix as a 9 year old. That's really too bad though. Season 4 is where it really takes off. Animation, voice acting, and story arcs all improve. You're missing the Umbara arc (legend status among cw junkies) and all of the Ahsoka biz as well. Common sense media rates it ages 8 and up (10 and up is better) and you're like 15 or something? If it were live action 100% be rated TV-14. I could see some of the darkest episodes being TV-MA, but the animation kind of cancels it out. Theres a lot of barley off screen beheading (Lots by Maul), mauling (haha), stabbing, and murder (ever see the YouTube video "Clone wars is a kids show"?). Also someone said season six is pointless. The end arcs aren't to useful (jar jar banks has his own arc) but the first arc of six is one of the best and most useful/intriguing arcs.

What's the problem with sorcery?? This is it such a big deal when there's an entire arc about Cad Bane kidnapping small children who will have experiments performed on them (Season 2) but green mist is off limits?
4 months ago
Glad your all good!!
I was looking at one of my old models and your new PFP did threw me off a bit :joy

And for some reason the guy in the GIF reminds me of George Russel
4 months ago
*I was looking at one of my old models and your new PFP did threw me off a bit
4 months ago
Maraca / Coldplay - Thanks!

Jalc - I agree. The episodes I watched with the Nightsisters were WAY darker than anything else in Star Wars. (Definitely should be TV-14…) Also, CSM rates TV shows based on the first episode from the first season. (Yoda and the clones…) And yeah, I saw the “Clone Wars is a kids show” thing. That was amusing.
And since we’re a Christian family… There are certain areas of magic that we’re sensitive to. (But if my parents let me, I’d 100% FINISH all 7 seasons, I’d just skip a few episodes.)

Worriz - Thanks,
and it’s Bully Tobey Maguire!
4 months ago
Speaking of Tobey, I watched a movie with him last night, (called Seabiscuit!)
It was so random—I had no idea he was in it. The movie started with a small boy, (a younger version of the main character) and then a few minutes passed and they did the “years later” thing. Suddenly, TOBEY’S FACE WAS ON THE MAIN CHARACTER! O_o I literally gasped out loud!
4 months ago
now i cant stop thinking about wiz doing the poggers face
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