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R.I.P. Kirby Morrow
Published 2 weeks ago
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On November 18th, 2020, Kirby Morrow passed away. As a brother, son, friend, and many other great things, he will be missed. He acted and voice acted in many different roles, one of which was Cole, from LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Let this wonderful Master of Earth rest in peace.


Guys, this is a memorial model. Let's not talk about the future of Cole, or how Kirby died. In fact, those are probably the most disrespectful things we could talk about. Kirby Morrow was a phenomenal voice actor, and one of the things that made Cole such a lovable character. But Cole doesn't, and never will, exist in real life. Kirby was a real person, who deserves our respect.

Let us mourn him, remember him, and honor him. He was a big part of, undoubtedly, many people's lives, and a part of many fans' lives. Now, I do not know whether we'll see him again. Hopefully we will . . . . Many people were affected by his death, so let's not be disrespectful to the people who were impacted by it most.

Rest in peace, Kirby Morrow.

God bless you.


P.S. I purposely didn't include the #XD tag. I felt it would be very disrespectful on a memorial model.
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Maybe exclamations were a touch disrespectful? Anyway, I'll miss him just as much as all of us...
In fact, my "dreams" the last two nights have been focused on his death. Miss you Kirbs!
2 weeks ago
Off-topic note: You forgot the XD tag. I would like a render please. I'll PM you the model I want you to render
2 weeks ago
May he rest in peace, knowing he's surrounded by his own power
1 week ago
This is really not the model to be commenting that on, buddy. I'm pretty sure it's strictly a memorial thing...
1 week ago
LW- I noticed the invisible text...
1 week ago
What actually happened to him?
1 week ago
Snap: We don't know. It's not really what we should be thinking about, TBH.
1 week ago
And sorry, I didn’t see that in the description.
1 week ago
Sad to see him go, a great model to commemorate him too.
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