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Snowspeeder Gunner (75144)
Published 2 years ago
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From set 75144 - Snowspeeder.
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2 years ago
Crazy photorealistic!
2 years ago
Many thanks, guys!

I think I can improve the print map in a way, that decals printed on top of other decals are bumped, too. Currently it's only the outlines of printed areas, which is actually not quite correct.
2 years ago
Also, there should be a mold mark on the helmet and there seems to be some sign or number on there, but I cannot identify what this is.
2 years ago
Uploaded improved version (print bump everywhere plus helmet mold line).
2 years ago
This is probably my favorite Rebel pilot minifigure to date. Great work!
2 years ago
I can spot a problem on the left hand side of the helmet. it looks like one of the map (bump?) is not aligned correctly.
2 years ago
Yes, I've noticed that, and have put the decals and masks on top of one another in a PS document to double-check, and they're all well aligned. Seems that the bump map appearance is dependent on the angle of light. I've already reduced the Bump Strength from 1.0 to 0.5 to reduce that, since I also found some mirroring effect at the bump edges. To cut a long story short, I can send you the .blend for you to check.
2 years ago
Should I have overlooked something, please let me know.
2 years ago
I found the error in the metalness map after looking again.
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