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The base, (Made by Jono_Guard) and I just changed the colours)
Published 2 weeks ago
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When they finally got to the island, Brock was moaning about how Joe cheated in the race by making the current go against them, she was smiling now and thought <nice job changing the current Jack>
<It wasn't me he responded, was it you father?>
<No.> he responded
<Then who was it> asked Joe <And it was a great deal of luck if it was a coincidence because otherwise they would of crashed into the rocks.>
<Well as it was none of us so we have to think it was luck> thought John/Kanoking
"You are such a cheater Joe, cheating at a game just because you are losing." Brock kept moaning.
"Stop being such a spoilsport all because you lost."
"Stop arguing." said John/ Kanoking they immediately obeyed
"Anyway Jack, here is the key to your rooms, take your friends with you I'll sort something out for them later"
"Thank you." said Jack then added, "Father"
It felt good saying that.
As Jack turned around he thought he saw a glimpse of blue but when he looked again it wasn't there, just a trick of the light he thought
<Oh yeh Jack, you've have your own personal servant there two, have fun!>
<See you Father> Jack replied
after walking up a flight of stairs MaTech said, "why didn't we take the lift?"
"What lift?" asked Brock
"That one" MaTech pointed to the lift right in front of them.
"And we walked all that!" asked Brock angrily
"Stop being such a wimp Brock" said Joe
"Shut up." said Brock angrily
"Well if it's fine by me I'll go and look in Jacks room." said Spark smiling.
"Yeh let's see it!" said Jack excitedly
When they went inside they're eyes widened.
"A super high tech 3006.51 computer!"
"A car that shoots bolts of lightning."
"Card games!"
they all laughed, Brock said, "what I like pancakes"
"Welcome to your room Jack, I am JayJee and I will be your personal assistant for today."
They span around there was a man standing by the doorway with spikey blond hair and a smart suit.
"Hello JayJee, do you mind showing us what this place can do?"
"Yes sir what would you like to see first."
"The Tech." they all said apart from Brock who said canteen.
"The canteen is down the the hall Mr Brock" said JayJee
"Thank you" Brock replied
Jack wondered how JayJee knew Brock's name
"So this car has 9659 different weapons and can outrace a speed dragon."
"This computer has every game that's ever..."
A voice screamed, Brock.
"What?" asked Joe running up to him
"They made me drop my pancakes." he whimpered and pointed at the large pile of pancakes on the floor."
"Who?" asked Jack
"Those stupid Gastlugs. They ruined my pancakes, I kill them!!!!!!!!!!!"
"How many?" asked JayJee
"About 50" said Brock "They made me drop my pancakes. I'LL MURDER THEM!"
"Calm down Brock, you'll get your pancakes soon, but the real question is how did they found us"
"What about my father?" asked Jack
<I'm alright, make sure you get out>
"He will be alright, we need to get out."
"Come on." said JayJee taking out a book from the shelf there was a hole in the ceiling and a lift.
"Cool!" they all said at the same time
"Get up there." said JayJee quickly, "I need to do something."
But before they could protest he was gone.
"Wow look, weapons!" they turned Brock was holding a club in his hand "grab yours" Joe took the bat glider, Jack took the shield then suddenly there was a scream. "The poor guy," said Brock, "I liked him" they nodded then ten Gastlugs popped up and started to fight, the elementors put up a good fight but the Gastlugs were just to strong, they were trapped in a corner, they were going to die.
Then suddenly a bang occurred and the Gastlugs were gone.
A guy in blue stood there and said, " Hi I'm Jono, we'd better get out of here." they nodded.
"Thanks Jono," said Joe, " I see you have the ability too."
Jono nodded, "Yes, but we have to go upstairs, I've got my vehicle ready, it should hold all of us."
"Jono a friend is still down there..."
"He's safe" Jono cut of, "come on" then they followed him up the stairs and got into the vehicle.
The engine started and then they flew of. Then all of a sudden the base exploded.
"My pancakes." sniffed Brock while Jack thought who was hidden behind Jono's mask...

Ps: made by Jono_Guard
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2 weeks ago

I like how you upgraded my base
2 weeks ago
Not yet, I did not have enough time

But I will read it now.
2 weeks ago
Ok, I don't mind it is just that the story is a bit confusing if you start from here.
2 weeks ago
i wanna pancake
(JK) Nice!!
2 weeks ago
This wasn't even Jono's base.
He stole the base from @BrickBot2.1
2 weeks ago
I did not copy the base, I built by myself, believe it or not,
I am offended you think that my work is not mine, I do not copy other's models
If you will look at the two bases you can clearly see the difference!
2 weeks ago
I just made a base, I did not even know Brickbot made a base
1 week ago
If I could make models could recolor this
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