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00.9 - Answers
Published 3 months ago
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00.9 - Answers

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“You are The_An0nym!” LEGOminis exclaimed.
“You didn’t know?” The_An0nym asked.
“We only knew you by the name Anon… Oh flip! How didn’t we see that?” WizardBuilds1 said.
“I know right! It was so obvious!” General_Veers agreed.
“I had the suspicion that you were Anon!” SuperPup1 claimed.
“Yeah right… Then why didn’t you say anything?” WizardBuilds1 argued.
"Because–," SuperPup1 began, but got cut off by The_An0nym.
“Stop Arguing!” The_An0nym shouted. Silence fell over them.
“We have to leave. There is still an army of processors above,” The_An0nym said. He started walking away. The others followed him.
“So… Anon… Why did you bring us here?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“I didn’t really bring you here... ” The_An0nym said.
“Then who did?” General_Veers questioned.
“If my assumption is correct. then the system rigged my tracker to suck in any users into Mecabricks,” The_An0nym explained.
“Tracker?” LEGOminis asked.
“I have a tracker in my older models to find a solution of a problem I had at the time. You see, unlike you guys, I had to hand make my own models in the Workshop and then publish it using a data crystal from my account,” The_An0nym explained.
“Data crystal?” Happy097 asked before anyone else could.
“Data crystals can be used to access your account and change things for example to publish models or comment,” The_An0nym said.
“Ah… So you’ve been answering all our comments and PMs from a data crystal?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“More or less… You see, I can’t check 24/7 for notifications. After a while I had to sleep. A subconscious part of the system used that time to slowly hack my account and literally move my models beyond reach. That’s why I installed trackers; to find my models again after the system had hidden them,” The_An0nym explained.
“Why would the system do that?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“It was a Subconscious part of the system that realized that I wasn’t a user accessing my account from the real world. It tried to steal models to delete my account. But it was slow and couldn't hack my account unless no one was active on it. Luckily it never had the time to delete my whole account. It was getting annoying though, so I programmed or well, as you would call it, animated my own bot that would regularly check my notifications and reply to positive comments with ‘Thanks’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Thank you very much’, or ‘Thank you so much’. But if it got any more complicated than that it would give me a message through a device that I always keep with me,” The_An0nym explained.
“You’re kidding, right?” SuperPup1 asked.
“No,” THe_An0nym replied.
“And how did you get sucked into Mecabricks?” General_Veers asked.
“The system expands to other websites too, although weakly. It hacked into a Top Tiers Secretive and Illegal Project. I was kidnapped a few years back, and tried to execute project |0. It was tried to transfer a living consciousness into data. The system realized this, and used it as its own favor. As the project proceeded the system stole my data, leaving the professors empty handed, and probably dumbfounded. Because I didn’t have a mecabricks account, the system made one for me, calling it |0. Luckily I could escape the system and learned a few things here and there about this world. The system tried to catch me for a few years, and still does. It wants to study my existence to escape, because I, a human, became data, so why wouldn’t it be possible to do it the other way around? Anyway, I existed as a cluster of data in this world, which made me clumsy to move or operate around anything. The first time I actually accessed my account, I changed my name to The_An0nym. I created a figure and used its body as host for my consciousness. Then I tried to make a vehicle to outrun the system. That’s why my first model is a vehicle. Sadly there was no way to bring it out of the Workshop and into the lobby. The only vehicles that function in the lobby are produced by the system. Anyway; the system seems to have figured out a way to change people to data. And you say you were sucked into Mecabricks? That would mean it also figured out a way to change your bodies into data,” The_An0nym explained.
“So you were a test subject?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Yes,” The_An0nym replied. WizardBuilds1 shuddered at the thoughts, as did a few others.
“So what is the system trying to achieve?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Well… It succeeded in changing humans into data, it'll most likely try to catch us, change it’s data to our format, and try to create a human body in the outside world. If that doesn’t work, then he’ll probably try to steal one of our bodies. In the second scenario I’m probably useless to him,” The_An0nym explained.
“Why?” SuperPup1 wanted to know.
“Because my body was left behind when my consciousness changed into data. The professors probably thought something went wrong and buried or burned my body. The chances that they preserved my body is practically zero, since it would cost resources,” The_An0nym explained. His life must have been horrible, was the major though in the room. Only Happy097 was thinking about food.

[End of 00.9]
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3 months ago
Wow... didn’t see the whole test subject thing coming! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3 months ago
very interesting. makes sense too! I can understand it, though it's complex. I'm getting the air of an irl successful book!
3 months ago
Wow, great!!
All that is really well thought and well written as well...
3 months ago
I just had a thought... have you been planning this from the beginning? I mean, you almost always respond
(name) - Thanks!!
I realized this some time ago, but didn't know what to make of it.
3 months ago
The fact that I was basically oblivious to the fact that he was a test subject is definitely something Happy would, especially considering the characters.... particular past.
(And yes, Happy097 is a character. He’s actually the main character of the book I’m writing)
3 months ago
Wow, this is AMAZING! again. I read the last 3 chapters and I loved them (kinda knew Anon stands for An0nym) but still, this is a great chapter and a great story!
3 months ago
Jaze_Dragon , YizLegoWarrior , justyouraveragebuilder , General_Veers , SlimBrick1 , Happy097 , Jono_Guard - Thanks!!

YizLegoWarrior - I hope it too! But the chances are low...

justyouraveragebuilder - I am not smart enough to plan every detail from the beginning
I just make up logical reasons after I did something.

Jono_Guard - I had to make a connection between the names. Since I don't have a nickname, I had to make one up for myself to be used in the story
3 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thank you!!
3 months ago
Interesting! I guess I was right about Anon being The_An0nym!
3 months ago
SuperPup1 - Yes you were!!
3 months ago
Glad to meet you, Anon! This story is pretty awesome, by the way! It reminds me of the Matrix, except they want to break out instead of keep us in.
1 week ago
I gotta say, I am LOVING the story so far!
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