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Operator HQ (100th Model!)
Published 1 year ago
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Here it is, Ladies and Gentleman, the long-awaited, much belated, (now you're elated) Operator Headquaters! Oh, and Sig-fig face reveal.

(Yes, I am just gonna pass that off like it's nothing)

Now, once you've viewed the model, admired the cameos, (seen the face reveal), and wondered about all the lore behind this, read the following speech:

Wow, 100 models. To be fair, I could probably be way past this by now, but I really wanted to make this model special, and, honestly, I'm so glad I waited.

I could (and probably would) make a long speech about how you guys have supported me, been great friends, etc, but I honestly feel like that won't convey it enough.

So! I will pass out shoutouts to those that matter most to me on here. NOTE: If you are not on this list, please do not be offended. These are my closest friends, the people I know the best.

Guitarman2: Ah, good old G-man. Truly my best bud. Always persevering when I won't, encouraging me, building me up, roasting me down. I will never forget you, even if we don't stay in touch.

Thanks for being a good friend, the best friend.

LegoWilderness: LegoWilliam(Piano)Tu(r)ner (yes, that's your new nickname). The POTC fan, the Piano Man, the seldom-posts-but-it's-always-worth-the-wait guy, I could really go on about all your titles.
But the one I appreciate the most is Big bro. You really are like the big brother I never had, and I deeply appreciate that. Your music, your creations, they're all so inspiring.

Thanks for being someone I can look up to.

KnightofElabor: Yes, the mysterious Knight, from the far-away land of Elabor. I love sharing geekyness, fanboying, and a whole lot of other fun things with you. You're so fun to be around, and you always get everyone excited about the latest Marvel movie, or whatever Spider-man thing it is this time. You're not afraid to be a geek, and I really, truly respect that. That may seem like a silly thing, but it takes courage to do that, and, like a true knight, you do.

Thanks for being my long-lost double.

Greenie Greenflame24: The man of 24 green fires, of silly poetry and shootin' up bacon, and the . . . host of . . . Random dude. O_O
But in all seriousness, you're an awesome friend, Greenie. Always making people laugh, encouraging them when they're down, sparking a joke at the right moment, topping us all with shooting-wild-pigs-from-helos poems, etc, etc, etc.

Thanks for being that weird/hilarious cousin we all love.

Honorable mentions:
SnapStudio: Amazing friend, fellow Christian and Chosen fan, and many other things. Thanks for being a great friend!
Lego_Lover: I expect our friendship will continue to grow - it's a pleasure to know you, bro.
BlockMaster16YT: Thanks so much for supporting me in my early months on MB, your support meant a lot to me then, and it still does now.
Twiggy9997: So fun to hang out with you and vibe. I really enjoy talking with you.

Lax: Such a great guy. I know we've had are frequent differences, but we've always worked 'em out, which is great. You're a great friend.
D_R: The storyteller we all wish we could be - you push through to the end with your stories, which is something I can't claim to do.

PyrokineticNinjaMaster: One of the only true master builders I know fairly well. Your work is amazing and inspiring.
Sky_Python: Ah, DPS, Stormsky, Python, the one of many names. XD Thanks for being a great fried.

TheGecko7: One of the coolest Flickr pages I've ever looked through. Keep up the good work, bro.
ChuckZillaTime: Your renders and graphic design skills are special - use them to the best of your ability!
Shipmaster: Amazing mech builder, mosaic builder, definitely just a good builder. You have the stamina I don't, and that's rare.

Rubrickscube: Always fun to discuss War Robots, memes, marvel, whatever with you.
Phantom_Extremis: A ton of fun to hang out with! Love talking with you.
Cakery: Your models are awesome, and you're getting places.
Ian_TheMage: -_-

Well, that's it for this model! I truly want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me through this, and special thanks to all of those who decided to pester me about things like this 100th model.

Shout-out to my parents for raising me, my siblings for . . . annoying me? No, for being the best siblings anyone could ask for, and especially to God for caring enough about me to want me to be with him for the rest of eternity.

Oh, and check out my Flickr and YT:

That's all, folks!

God bless each and every one of you.


More models on the way! They will be much more frequent with this 100th out of the way.
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1 year ago
This looks so awesome Op, thank you so much for including me!
1 year ago
BB: Thank you!

Twiggo: Thank you very much! Oh, of course, you're most welcome.
1 year ago
Glad to see you hit 100!! I can't wait till i reach it! also tysm for including me in the build!!
1 year ago
Congratulations bro! Awesome model, and great speech!
1 year ago
Congrats! Thanks for your kind words! I try not to disappoint!
1 year ago
@0per80rOII, Nice! really great detail on the build! great job you took off your face mask

@Guitarmage, hey you got mentioned twice!
1 year ago
It was definitely worth the wait!
Cool SigFig face reveal!!!
1 year ago
Congrats man!!! Thanks for the shoutout too!!!
1 year ago
This is awesome! Really love the HUD designs!! *sees me mentioned in the description*
Uhh, oh, carp, I wasn't prepared for this....

Thanks for being my friend too, Op! I'm glad that you think I'm a good friend!
1 year ago
*prepares for a great dramatic speech about all my wonders*
Wait, it's, it's just an exasperated face???????? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!! I TRUSTED YOU, OP! AND YOU BETRAYED ME!
1 year ago
Congrats, dude!

You're the old guy, right?
1 year ago
HUH!!!!!! WHO IS THE OLD DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks so cool... also, those things in front of our eyes are stunning!
Anyways... thanks for including me, in both the model and in the shout out things... though, I personally think people like Pyro or D_R should have replaced my spot
Also, I'm going to review your model O_O. So, first off... the old guy... is that supposed to be you in the future?
Second, what the green toenail is LW doing?!?!
. Also, I find it fitting that he's working next to Snap... which is cool.
As far as myself... I LOVE HOW I'M WALKING DOWN THE STAIRS!!! THAT IS SO COOL!!! You know people open the model, and instantly see the back left of my head but don't even notice it because it's insignificant! I love it )
I also love how our colors seem to go well with out characters... I'm sure they stand for different positions. I personally think that someone is in charge of the green uniforms, and it would make sense that Chuck would be in charge.
Also, what is D_R doing? She appears to be staring directly at the rail in the staircase
, almost gives me the impression that she is scanning it with whatever thing is over her eye... those things are so cool... perhaps she is scanning it to make sure that there is no Cheeto dust on the rials... you know, Twiggy might not have use Cheeto fingers when snacking.
Anyways... I could go on and on... but need to stop here, except for saying...
I was working on a Greenflame HQ... and now I need to update some things
... yours is WAAAY better so far

1 year ago
"To 10,000 fireflies, I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes, I got misty eyed as they said farewell. But I'll know where several are, if my dreams get real bazar cause I saved a few, and I keep them in a jar."
1 year ago
BM: Yeah, it was . . . hard.
But I enjoyed it. Oh, you're very welcome!

Jaze: Thanks! Thanks, and thanks!

Gecko: TYSM! Yeah, I love seeing when there's a new creation on your Flickr page.

Pyro: Yeah . . . that wasn't really supposed to be the last one
Thanks, BTW!

FB (do we still call you "FB"?): Thanks, yeah, I got tired out towards the end, but it was fun. Yeah, I've been needing to do that for a while.

Lax: Yes, finally.

Chuck: Oh, no problem! BTW, sorry you didn't get a cameo. I forgot to include you, and RN I really don't want to go change it.
Also, you wouldn't have a seat, sooooooooooo . . . .

G-man: Thank you! Yeah, I enjoyed coming up with those. "carp" XD Thanks again!

Ian: was it a coincidence or destiny that you and G-man commented at practically the same time? :thinking:

ObsidianFury: Thanks!

MB: No, actually. I'll explain that when I respond to Greenie. Thanks!

Greenie: Ah, yeah, the old dude. Thank you! I had fun designing them. You're most welcome! I think you deserve that spot.

1. No, he's Operator003. One of the founding members of Operation Watchtower.
2. His file elevator broke (all of those columns have file elevators, like in banks. And yes, material, not digital. These files are most important, so they're stored on metal sheets), so he's climbing up to see what he can do to fix it (he is MacGyver, after all).
3. Yeah, that was not an intentional placement, but I'm glad it turned out that way.
4. I couldn't figure out a better place to put you, TBH.
I just hope you survive the stairs
5. Yeah, that was slightly intentional. But the colors mainly stand out for ranks: Grey being Director, dark blue being Commander, the green being Captain, red being Officer, blue (regular blue, not dark blue) being ensign. The ranks didn't really matter. Oh, and black is Operative. They're under Directors and work alongside commanders, but they don't have much authority over other ranks under them. Of course, the way I assigned ranks was kind of silly, mainly based on the colors of the ranks going with people's sigs.
6. D_R's doing . . . something. I'm not sure, but she looks a little shifty. shrugs

Thanks for your long comment, Greenie!
1 year ago
I have to say Blockmaster looks... well. O_o
1 year ago
Why The Qui-Gon jokes?
1 year ago
@Operator I was looking for my seat, and just figured out what D_R is doing! If you look, there are two empty seats. It would make sense that the one across from LW would be mine... well... D_R is walking towards that one. Perhaps she is planning some kinda prank, and so she's looking in my general direction to make sure everything is clear before sabotaging the video game I'd been secretly downloading... or take the screws out from the bottom of my chair... or maybe she want's to steal a file from me O_o... or learn my computer password because I was dumb enough to leave while I was still logged in O_O
1 year ago
Bro, this looks so cool!!

You're a great dude to have around.

Goodness, this model really is impressive, great job.

P.S. My Discord situation is looking up.
1 year ago
Greenie: That could be it, I wouldn't know. I'm too busy waving at the camera.

DP: IDK, just thought they were funny.

Slim: Thanks!
1 year ago
No, they are, they are...
1 year ago
Snap: Oh, so you're who I forgot! Let me add you in real quick. Oh, that's great! We'd love to have you. And thank you!
1 year ago
I'm honored that you would include me, thank you so much!
Also, 9.9K.
1 year ago

"Cause I'd get a thousand hugs, from ten thousand lightning bugs,
as they tried to teach me how to dance, a foxtrot above my head, a sock hop beneath my bed,
a disco ball is just hanging by a thread (thread, thread)".
1 year ago
You guys like Owl City? No way!
1 year ago
I'm not a huge fan, but I like some of his stuff.

You're a fan, I'm guessing?
1 year ago
Yeah, I'm not like a die-hard fan or anything, but his songs are pretty nostalgic for me.
1 year ago

awww thx man! ("Thanks for being my long-lost double"
you're welcome!

dude, this model is crazy!!! totally worth the wait! I love how you included everyone in the different uniforms and stuff (also im pretty sure this is the first time anyone's put me in a model without my helmet

guys, we all know that Dragon is going over to talk to MrBrick cuz. . . well ya'll know. . . (jk

@Gecko, yes, some of us do like Owl City (and some of us may or may not be die hard fans
1 year ago
As far as Owl City goes I've heard very little, but I like what I've heard
1 year ago
Snap: Yeah, and I just hit 10K! So, :partying_face:
You're very welcome.

Knight: You're most welcome, and thanks again.
Yeah, the uniforms were fun to design.

O_O Well, maybe.
1 year ago
This is awesome, dude! I love the design and the futuristic look of everything! Just outright AWESOME!
And thank you very much for including me, it's truly an honor.
1 year ago
And, of course, CONGRATULATIONS ON 100! Keep up the great work bro.
1 year ago
Amazing build! Congratulations and thanks for the mention!
1 year ago
BTW thank you very much for those kind words! You're a great friend too! Thanks for including me as well!
1 year ago
1 year ago
When I first saw this model I was wowed. When I started moving it around it almost knocked my first pair of socks off! This is amazing Op! The attention to detail!
Thanks for the words bro!
(Questions about the Model)
Why is there two Operators?
What am I doing? (I love how there's a whole debate about that
I love all the headpieces we're wearing!
What is this base for . . . hmm?

@Greeny, Y'know, I probably would play a prank on you.

@Sir Elabor, Bro . . . you are lucky you're in texas! If one of my brothers said that, I'd bash them into next year.

Owl City? I don't know how this came up but here's my contribution. I've got a friend who loves it, I've only heard a few songs but they're alright.
moar things:
1, I just noticed the mini visors are on everyone, whereas they used to just be on the old guy
2, I remember Owl city! I used to love "Fireflies" and being confused about what a foxtrot was
3, I just realized that DR is looking at Snappers and through the wall.. someone else? I think PKNM, but I'm not sure.
1 year ago
Moon: Thank you!

L_L: Thanks, thanks, and thanks! Oh, you're very much welcome.

ShipMaster: Thank you! It was my pleasure.

Thank you!

Cole: Thank you!

D_R: Thanks! Wait, your first pair? O_O
Thank you, most of it is actually duplicated, so that part didn't take too long. You're most welcome, you've been a great friend.
1. That's me. I just did my updated sig, and myself in uniform.
2. I was hoping you'd tell me that . . . . :thinking:
3. Yeah, I wanted to make some kind of HUD, and it turns out that my visor only works on 2 hairpieces: mine, and monkie kid's.

4. The Operators.

Yeah Knight, you might want to just head back to Elabor
1 year ago
hey @Dragon, you didn't say i was wrong tho. . .

okay yeah i'm goin' back to Elabor now before i'm impaled with a lightsaber 0_0
1 year ago
@KoE Burn!!! Though I disagree
I still think a prank is the most logical and likely option... after all, she’s looking in my direction with a determined and serious expression... wanting to watch and make sure that I don’t see what she’s doing... it’s most likely I will sit down to find mouse sticky trap glue smeared ALL OVER my chair... yes... Op will probably make her pay for a new chair, but it would still be worth it... after all, Op pays well, and chairs are cheep.. *cough* *cough* I think. . .
1 year ago
XD I'm staring at a computer with those eyes....
WAIT did 0p just copy my eyes!
1 year ago
how did you do that render????
1 year ago
FYI, this kinda looks like the DEO
1 year ago

You're playing a dangerous game, sir Knight. Wise choice, heading back to Elabor. Yeah, you probably would've found the first real lightsaber you've ever encountered embedded in your chest. Just sayin', even steel isn't impervious to Plasma beams powered by sentient rocks.


FB: Yeah . . . I realize they're a bit creepy. Well, actually no. I have light golden-brown eyes IRL, and the closest color would've been my (sig's) skin color, so I went with Flame Yellowish Orange. I guess it looks a bit creepy.

VeganStudios: Thank you!

Outlawdeclan11: I know you're talking to Chuck, but I think he made 2 renders and edited them together.


But HQ is short for headquarters like you said, but it's called that for a reason. "Head" meant the top dog, the leader, the head of the organization. And "quarters" meant "dwelling" or "house" back in the day. So "Headquarters" actually translates to Leader's Room, or Leader's Home. It just means where all the important stuff happens.

BrickAssassin7: Thank you!
1 year ago
@Sir Elabor, you won't be safe there . . . according to Greeny, I have the power of inter-book world portals. Beware . . .

@Op, It is winter after all. And it gets super cold down here so multiple socks must be worn.

@everyone, Only I know what I'm doing, hehehe
1 year ago

Op is right, I explained it on Discord, I did 2 renders and edited them together
1 year ago
I don't see a #XD...
1 year ago
wait, isn't there supposed to be an XD tag?
1 year ago
@Op, It only works on Monkie kid's hairpiece ya say...?

1 year ago
Wait.... *Looks at the Old Man's armor*... THAT'S OLD HUNTER FROM THE BAD BATCH!!!!
1 year ago
Great shot LW! Wait... shot... no that's the wrong word... humph... I want pizza...
1 year ago
@greenface y u gota b lyk dat naw i whnt pitsa
1 year ago
@King I don't want pizza anymore O_O... I'm stuffed... and, without exaggeration, I literally feel sick >_<.
Operator, if you correct my redundancy without seeing this, I get a point ;-P
1 year ago
can i be in the model? like eating under the stairs or something?
1 year ago
mizlegoman101: Sorry, but I'm not doing anything else with this model.

Greenie: Welp, saw that. One less point for you, I guess.
1 year ago
The Return of the King! EPIC render LW!
144 models | 20.1k views