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Chapter 2
Published 4 weeks ago
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Oh boy! This is a long one

Fun, the word didn’t fit. It just didn’t fit though, but made Nicholas angry. His parents had been slaughtered and dishonored, his girlfriend was hurt and stuck in a hole, and they were now about to fight a group of armed assassins; this hardly seemed like fun. The armored figure didn’t seem to care or notice his emotions however, but kept his gaze fixed forwards and pulled out a slick black knife. He looked into the sky, and then handed the blade to Nicholas, who receive it reluctantly.

“Wander down about sixty feet or more, stab this into the dirt by a stalk bordering the path, and then jump out and shoot at the guards.”

“But what if they shoot me first?” Nicholas whispered harshly.

“Only one of them has a gun, the rest just have spears, so all you need to do is run away after a few shots.”

Nicholas nodded, and quietly pushed passed the brush and made his way down the path, his heart racing the entire time. He desperately hoped this guy actually knew what he was talking about, because this seamed ridiculous. Once he’d gone far enough he knelt down, reaching towards the paths edge and thrusting the blade into the soft earth. The sky was truly becoming dark, both from the coming storm and the setting sun, and this didn’t help him feel any better. Taking a breath he looked down at his gun, swallowed hard, hesitated, and then jumped into the open. His mouth hung slightly open as he gazed upon the small band, and then fired two unsteady shots before turning to run. He didn’t think he’d hit anyone, and if he did it hand’t done any harm, because all five men were pursuing him now. He hadn’t run very far when suddenly there was an earsplitting crack and flash of light that sent him sprawling to the ground. He covered his ears and shouted as a deep rumble of thunder billowed through the sky. He laid there shaking for a moment, unsure as to what had happened, and feeling certain he was at the door of death.

“Kid, get up,” a new voice said. It was rough and slightly static, yet had a kindest of it’s own. Opening his eyes Nicholas looked up into the black visor of a new solider, one baring light gray armor highlighted with bits of livid blue. He held out his hand for Nicholas to take, which he did, and then lifted him to his feet. “You don’t want to leave this,” he said, handing over a dirty blaster that had been thrown to the ground.

“Thanks,” Nicholas said, wiping bits of mud off the gun and looking over to see the first solider retrieving his knife. Beside him laid Nicholas’ pursuers, smoke rising from their dead bodies. “What just happened?” He asked, still shaken from whatever had just happened.

“Drogan used his knife to pull electricity from the sky just as your pursuers came within a foot of it, an old trick of his.”

“Drogan?” Nicholas asked slowly, looking again at the man clad in black.

“Yes, Drogan Conver, an elite solider. I’m Captain Clayton, leader of Elite Force 208 of the Galactic Police.” He extended his hand again, which Nicholas took and shook quickly. The Captain had a firm grip that almost made Nicholas wince.

“Greetings can be saved for later Clayton,” Drogan said wirily from the right. “Right now we’ve got business to take care of.”

Clayton nodded, and then gave a hand signal for them to follow him down the path. The clouds now were darker then ever, and the wind had reached a full, echoing howl. Thick drops of rain began to pelt them like darts, and Nicholas began to covet his companies armor. As they trotted along two more officers joined them, both armored like their captain. Drogan was the only one in black, and if it weren’t for his glowing visor he’d have vanished all together in the dark surroundings. They trudged on for a while, the mud sloshing at their feet with every step. They suddenly stopped about twenty minutes later, though to Nicholas It had seemed like an hour. The quick pace of the police, as well as the relentless storm hard made the track miserable. He now took the moment to gain his bearings. He hadn’t paid attention as to where they had been going, only on keeping up. He now found himself on a light slope surrounded by trees and shrubs, they’ed begun climbing into the foothills, which means they were a good distance away from Jacklin.

“I don’t like my friend being so far away,” he said too Dragon as quietly as he could in the rain.

“She’s fine, London has an arial view and would have alerted us if anyone had approached.”


“Our pilot, he’s watching things from above with the radar and thermal cameras, telling us where to go and what not. Right now we’re looking down upon your home, or what’s left of it. The Talon, those are the guys who killed your family, they’re down there.”

“All of them?”

“All who came. There were twenty originally, and we’ve killed seven, including the ones you helped with. London says there are thirteen gathered down there.”

Nicholas nodded, and tried to peer through the watery sheet into the clearing, but couldn’t make out a single shape. He guessed the others had some kind of night vision, because they were taking positions behind rocks and trees and aiming their weapons. Clayton held two small handguns, while one of the others lifted a large rifle; the last man, besides Dragon, readied a signature blaster. Taking his place behind a tree, Nicholas raised his own gun and pointed it in the general direction. He felt stupid, but didn’t want to appear useless.

“Pick your targets men,” Clayton said, “Ehyo and Kappa should track down and finish any who flee, so don’t become too selfish Drogan.” A slight chuckle from the other two men could faintly be heard in response.

They waited for brief moment, and then the captain took the first shot, which signaled the others to unleash their fire as well. Nicholas shot randomly downwards, hoping he was at least hindering their opponents in some way. Before long sporadic blasts were shot back at them, striking the shrubbery and dirt all around. It was obvious that the Talon didn’t have a clear view of things, but like Nicholas were just shooting randomly. This ended more quickly than expected though, and soon Captain Clayton gave the order to head down and into the clearing.

“We took out nine,” he said bluntly. “This is a weak party.”

They followed him down, except for Drogan who had wandered off on his own, probably going to help the other two men Clayton had mentioned to chase down the remaining five. He seemed to be independent of the others, but still part of them in a way. As Nicholas thought on this, he suddenly lost a foothold and fell forwards. A quick arm caught him, pulling him up almost instantly.

“Watch you step mate,” the figure said.

“Thanks,” Nicholas replied, feeling foolish and tired. His eyes burned from straining them so hard, and he desperately wanted a break of some sort, or an explanation as to what he was even doing, and why they needed his help in the first place.

Before long the ground leveled under their feet, and they stoped to wait amidst the downpour and whirling wind. The distant hum of an approaching ship could be heard in the sky, and grew louder every second. In less than a minute Nicholas could tell it was right before them, not a stones throw away. Light suddenly blared through the rain, followed by a mechanical hiss. Shielding his eyes Nicholas followed the others up a small ramp and into the craft. The floor vibrated as the ship rose into the air again, its ramp folding close once more. It had a fairly straight forward interior. The hull was long and cube shaped, leading into a two man cockpit. Crates and weaponry were stacked and hung in a reasonably orderly fashion. Six bunks were built into the right wall, while flat benches protruded from the left one. Two circular doors were located above their heads, probably leading to some kind of large guns, and light beams of white light shone on the walls and ceiling.
They hadn’t seemed to have flown for a minute before Nicholas felt the ship beginning slowly descend again. He hoped this didn’t mean they were getting out again, he wanted to be free from the rain for at least a bit longer.

“Kid,” a voice said from across the room, “Drogan said you will need one of these, and I believe him. I’m not going to be there to catch you if you lose your step again.” With this the cop, the same one that had stoped his fall, tossed a metallic gray flashlight, which Nicholas just barely managed to catch at his knees.

“What do I need this for?” He asked, feeling hopeful.

“Your friend,” the Captain answered. “She’s in a hole right?” Nicholas nodded. His mood about going outside had changed very quickly. “Then go get her, and be careful.”

With this the ramp opened once again, letting the sound of heavy rain fall freshly on their ears. Nicholas hardly waited a second before turning on the light and rushing out once more into the onslaught. The droplets hurt his skin, especially his face, but he pushed through hardly caring at all. Coming to the hole where he’d left Jacklin he pointed the light downwards and peered in. A puddle of water was gathering at the bottom, but he couldn’t see his friend. The unpleasant thought that she might have climbed out and ran away in the confusion suddenly arose in his mind, causing his heart to skip for a split moment. He shook this off however and slid down into the hole, once again hoping for the best. Three smaller crawlspaces surrounded him at different heights. Shining his light down each he peered in and called her name, but no response could be heard. The lowest one was the most accessible, but Jacklin was smart and probably would have taken the highest, giving her more time incase the place began to flood.
Pulling himself up about three feet Nicholas began to crawl through, sometimes on his belly, and sometimes on his hands and knees. It was musty, and when he called his voice sounded muted. He crawled for a while, trying to find disturbances in the dirt, some sort of trail to follow, but couldn’t make anything out. He began to feel slightly claustrophobic, which only resulted in hot frustration.

“Jacklin!” He called again, shining his light down the narrow shafts and listening intently with a rash hope. He crawled about five feet forwards, and then to his relief he heard a voice calling back. “Hold on!” He yelled, moving on until another tunnel opened to his left. Small flashes of light could be seen about thirty feet down, followed by Jacklin’s voice.

“Nicholas are you there?” She called, her voice sounded slightly horse and shaky.

“Yes, I’m coming.” He smiled and crawled faster. His mind began to clear and his body relax.

He came to the end, where everything opened up into a massive chamber. Beneath was a very steep slope falling a little less than twenty feet down, and at the bottom stood Jacklin. Nicholas didn’t waste any time but slid down and found himself locked in Jacklins arms, her face buried in his shoulder with tears streaming down her cheeks. He stood there for a moment, feeling slightly awkward and a bit startled, however under the terrifying circumstances he hardly cared. Tears welled up in his own eyes, but he couldn’t let emotions take control now, Clayton and the others were waiting.

“We’ve got to go now,” he said, pulling himself away from the frightened girl.

“What happened,” she asked, wiping away tears and trying recompose herself. It appeared that she’d been crying for some time, and stopping wasn’t easy. The freedom that had once dwelt in her eyes now seemed scared if not broken.

“A group of men from the Galactic Police came, they told me to help them fight. They are waiting for us outside in their ship.”

“Okay, but how are we going to get back up?”

Nicholas turned to look, and instantly felt like hitting himself. The wall, though sloping, was made of soft crumbly dirt that would break away if under pressure. He could try and lift Jacklin up, but then he’d be stuck, if that even worked in the first place. He shook his head and kicked a small rock, wishing he’d actually taken time to think before diving down into their earthy prison. Suddenly, as if their situation had been told, his flashlight vibrated, Clayton’s voice erupting into the dense air through some kind of built in radio.

“Kid, are you alright?” He asked in his controlled and commanding voice. Nicholas fiddled around with the handle, his fingers shaky from being startled by the surprise, one which he was grateful for. Finding a small switch he flipped it on, hoping it would do the trick, and it did.

“Yes,” he called back, “and no. I found my friend in a hole, and jumped down, but now we’re stuck.”

“Gotcha, I’ll send Allan down to help y’all up, so hold tight.”

The radio silenced and the two waited. Nicholas assumed Allan, whoever he was, would be able to track him through the radio light thing, but even so it would take a chunk of time to get here.

“What are you going to do?” Jacklin asked after a brief amount of time had passed in science.

“What?” Nicholas suddenly felt awakened by the question, he couldn't’ explain how, but he did.

“What are you going to do? Your home is gone, and…” she paused, looking down as if feeling guilty for what she was about to say. “You’re parents are dead as well.”

“I,” he suddenly felt a strange sense of fear and emptiness, he wasn’t at all sure what he would do. “I have no idea, I can’t, I mean…” he lowered himself to the floor and sat with him arms across his knees, staring blankly at the wall of earth before him. Jacklin took a seat next to him, giving his shoulder a gentle yet affirming squeeze.

“What do you want to do? What do you feel needs to be done, or should be done?”

Nicholas waited before answering, thinking this over carefully. He wanted to settle down with Jacklin and start his own life, their life, but he wasn’t ready. He could, he had everything he needed, but something wasn’t there that should be. Yes, her and her family were really all he had left now, and he had no choice but to start a new life, yet something felt missing. There was an indescribable gap that needed to be filled before this could happen. He suddenly realized this gap had always been there, he just hand’t realized it until now. Something was calling him, it was there before him, but what was it? What do you want? The words rang in his head almost too loudly to process their meaning. What did he want? He wanted this to have never happened, but that couldn’t be changed, at least not for him. What about others though, people who might be overcome with the same pain and grief. He wanted to stop it from reaching them, or anything. He wanted the Talon, whoever they were, wiped out of the galaxy never to be seen again. An idea suddenly struck him, and he looked up into Jacklin’s caring blue eyes. They must have caught his thoughts somehow, or at least the intention behind them, because a new line of worry and dread now filled them on top of the present brokenness.

“What are you thinking,” she whispered. Nicholas only sighed and looked away. He didn’t want to tell her, it would be too painful for both of them. Trying to think of some way to change the subject he stood up and looked around. His eyes were drawn to Jacklin’s cut hand, and he pointed to it.

“How’s you hand.” He said, trying to sound in control again, but at the same time feeling stupid. Jacklin shook her head.

“You didn’t answer me. What are you thinking?”

Nicholas felt trapped now, trapped beyond the current physical condition they were in, trapped with words. He couldn’t avoid Jacklin, and he didn’t want to, but telling her would hurt so bad. He traced random lines in the ground with his eyes and sighed. “I’m leaving,” he said in almost a mutter.

“What,” she cried, leaping to her feet. Nicholas turned and griped her shoulders, swearing into her pleading eyes.

“I’m going with these men, and I’m going to fight with them until whoever these cursed beings are wallow in their blood.” He said this firmly, but not in any sort of anger, but in passion and purpose. “I don’t have anything left here, and I don’t want you, your family, or anyone else to be harmed by these people.”

“You have us.”

“And I’ll come back, but I need to do this first.”

“You could die out there,” she whispered. “You don’t know what the galaxy holds, it’s more dangerous and fierce than we could ever imagine.”

“I won’t, I’ll come back, but I have to do this. I can’t stand by and let these murders go on like this.”

Jacklin didn’t respond, but turned away and stared into the darkness behind them. Nicholas frowned and shook his head slowly. He didn’t know if these men would take him, but surely there was some way he could help, and he would. It would be his life goal to end the Talon and all their schemes, no matter what it would take. It wouldn’t take his life though, he assured himself of his, he would not let it, and he would return home.

“Hey mate!” A troopers voice sounded not too far away.

“We’re in here,” Nicholas called back, turning towards the exit and looking up. He expected to see flashes from Alan’s light, but remembered that they were using night vision. The figure appeared above him, giving a slight wave and looking down and around.

“Well you’re stuck,” he said. It was the same man that had both stopped his fall and given him the flashlight. “Here,” he said, tossing down a cord. A rubber grip was fastened around it about halfway, and Nicholas took hold of it. Allan pulled him up, taking his hand once he’d almost reached the top and lifting him the rest of the way. “Are you coming,” he called back to Jacklin, who had just been staring aimlessly upwards. She walked over and took hold of the cord with both hands, being careful to put as little pressure as possible on her injured one. She was up the slope in a second, and before long all three made their way back to the ship.

“The other Talon have been killed, and apart form this storm y’all are safe. Where should we take you?” The captain asked. Nicholas looked to Jacklin, who seemed reluctant to take part in anything. She told them the location of her home however, and London made a quick start towards it. Meanwhile Jacklin was escorted by another member of the crew over to the side, where he attended to her hand. He appeared to be a medic of some sort.

“Captain,” Nicholas asked quickly, knowing that the flight would be short and he might not have the time too talk to him ever again if he didn’t act quick.

“What do you need?” Clayton asked, kindness once again evident, even behind his battle worn helmet.

“I’ve lost my home and family, can I join you? I want to see an end to the Talon.”

Clayton cocked his head and stared for a moment, one which seemed like an extra long moment too Nicholas, and made him feel uncomfortable. Finally to his relief the captain spoke. “Not exactly,” he began. “As I’ve said, this is the 208th Elite Force for the Galactic Police. No one can automatically join any special force without having been a regular cop first, and proving he is worthy of the job. However, I can guarantee you a job with the Galactic Police, whether you ever join us or not.” Nicholas nodded, releasing a small smile. He’d never have pictured himself smiling in a situation like this, but something about the relief of now having a plan, and being excepted, made him do so.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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3 weeks ago
Woah, this is really shaping up, Greenie! I also appreciate the longer chapters.
Can't wait for the next one!
3 weeks ago
This was epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for more!
3 weeks ago

Operator011: Thanks! I also like the longer chapters...
, though, they take more time to write O_o... and edit o_O. Anyways, Chapter 3 will be the end of the beginning, so to speak, things will really change after that.

@Gman Thanks! Hopefully I will have another one up. before the end of next week. You know what, that period wasn't supposed to be there... I thought about removing it... but nah! 50 years down the road some new member will find this post and get a kick out of that little misplacement of punctuation
3 weeks ago
Drogan Conver was epic in this storyline, and it reminds me of when G-man and I play games together.
Our banter sounds the same as the squad's in this.
3 weeks ago
Chapter, not storyline. facepalms
3 weeks ago
Nice! I really like this chapter (Drogen is totally epic really great job capturing the aspect of a leader)
I wonder when Sparq will turn up
1 week ago
an i'm the only one who imagine it in sort of a live action?
also great chapter!
1 week ago
@King I view it in live action, and thanks
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