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Sterling Outlet Station
Published 2 months ago
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Travel to the middle of nowhere, and find yourself somewhere. Not just anywhere however, but at the Sterling Outlet Station. It’s a privet owned space station, which leases out outlets to different vendors or minor companies. Essentially, it’s a space mall; oh, but it’s more than a mall, it’s also a hotel, apartment building, and small neighborhood (it has a few homes, but those are privately located and very limited). Customers have been more than satisfied with the quality and service or this station. It also has a repair shop for ships, run by a hard working crew. Really, there is nothing negative about this place… well… maybe it’s security could be better… but who would want to attack a place like this?

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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2 months ago
Great idea and nice model!
Perfect place to get rumors from all over the galaxy...
2 months ago
@G_V Thank you, and most certainly; especially at some of the diners.
2 months ago
"thats not a astoriod belt thats a spacestation" fireblade28
2 months ago
@Slim Would you say it looks almost have meatball like?
2 months ago
did you model it after spaghetti?
2 months ago
@Slim Ah, just as I suspected. We shall now commence in a dance!
2 months ago
I think you and Justy are tied for MB's funniest user
2 months ago
@Slim But that's not half logical! It's only 50% logical... which makes me want to eat pizza some other time that's not right now... you know... I want to eat pizza next time I feel like eating pizza. That makes sense right?
2 months ago
yeah... I think you win first place for MB's most Loonie user though.
2 months ago
@Slime I mean Silm... ouch... that was supposed to be Slim. Anyways, does being loonie mean I can go to the moon, like... luna... you know, they sound similar...

...also, is the moon made of Swiss cheese... or Cheddar...?
2 months ago
Congrats on getting featured!
2 months ago
That's no moon...
2 months ago
Thanks whichever admin likes my stuff
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