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Chapter 9
Published 1 year ago
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Okay... not at all my greatest chapter... but, well, y'all might like the next one

“Can you get them to calm down again,” Lax asked Guitarman2 for the fifth time in the last twenty minutes. Operator had just broken the news to everyone that Dragon_Rider06, LegoWilderness, and Greenflame24 had all gone rogue right before they’d entered the room. Now everyone was frantic, excited, and or angry.

“Guys,” Gman yelled. “I know we’ve got mixed theories and emotions, but I’m supposed to lead y’all on the mission—”

“Along with me,” Lax butted in.

“Actually you’re not leading, you’re just—”

“No he’s leading,” Lego_Lover made clear. “Remember, we’re splitting up. Lax will take half, and you will take half. I’m staying back with the shuttles.”

“Oh, right. Okay so yeah, Lax and I our leading and I need y’all to settle down so I can give the directions.”

“Actually I’m giving the directions, I have it all mapped out and so on. Remember, I’m the one whose lived here for the past I don’t know how long,” Lax pointed out in all seriousness, a note that Gman responded to by biting his lips and sighing.

“Okay, yeah, Lax takes the floor from here. Tell us your plan bro.”

“Okay,” he started with a slight stretch and a controlled smile. “So, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Lax_Swag, a privet secret agent from a classified location. I came across a user known as Lego_Paradox, and quickly earned his trust.”

“How quickly?” Chuck asked.

“Three weeks,” Lax continued with a wink. “I saved him from a squad of MDD guards, along with my own squadron of custom clones.”

“And where are the clones?” Snap questioned.

“Well, um, Paradox didn’t like them and sorta staged an assassination. At first I thought it was real, but after considering a few questionable actions pieced things together. Anyways, Paradox eventually informed me of his plan to create a massive LEGO ship unlike any other, and explore the digital galaxy beyond its limits. That was fake though, I soon found out the real reason this ship was built by doing some investigation. Yes, I spied on the guy a lot, set up cameras, copied flies, etc etc… I figured out his real plan after about two months of investigation.”

“To kidnap us through cyberspace so as to not leave any evidence against himself!” MrBrick exclaimed triumphantly.

“No, that’s already been tried before, and put down as you know. Paradox’s idea is much worse. You see, the theorized that if you can pull stuff from the real world into the computer, why can’t you pull stuff from the computer out. His plan is simple; create a massive ship with a whole fleet of fighters, gunships, an army of robotic soldiers, and powerful weaponry to take beyond the borders of this digital realm, and then take over our home planet, and universe at that.”

“That’s imposible,” Chuck snorted.

“You would have said the same thing about getting sucked in, but it happened. I will tell you this, Paradox is very close to finishing his project, and it’s our job to stop him.”

“So is your introduction finished Mr Swag?” Mancontro asked.

“It’s Lax man, not cool.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“It’s fine, just remember I like to be taken seriously; but back to the point. Paradox needs users to generate enough power to transport his stuff. Real people generate a whole lot of power in Mecabricks. Currently he has about thirty users already, which should be enough. If we can free them and then take them to safety, it will buy us enough time to get a better grip on things. Taking him down won’t be easy, he’s way too powerful. Also, it should be noted that I’ve been sending my information to another user who none of y’all have met, at least not during your time here. His name is KnightofElabor, and he’s coming to help, though he may be a little bit late. He’s a real smart guy, and know’s what he’s going. As far as what we do until he get’s here however, I’ll explain that to you now.”

“Finally,” Gman whispered a little louder than he’d mean’t to, thankfully it wean’t ignored as Lax kept talking.

“Once we leave this dumpster we’ll have access to a long hall. Fourhanded feet down Gman and his crew will take a left and then take a nearby elevator to the fifth deck. Once there, he’ll lead you down another hall, through an unmistakeable black door, across a currently empty hanger bay, and then into the first prison corders. I’ll be leading the rest of you straight, which will take us to the other cells. Make sense?”

“Nope,” Flameblade said in all seriousness.

“Well Gman knows what he’s doing, so just follow him.”

“But L_L said I’m on your team?”

“Oh, well, then just follow me.”

“Okay, gotcha.”


Dragon_Rider06 had reached the ship with ease. She’d only used her jetpack for the first few seconds, harnessing whatever law of science space held that allowed a moving object to travel at the same speed until something stoped it. Yes, that’s a very wordy and ineloquent way of putting it, but I don’t know how else to explain the situation; however that’s beside the point. Once close enough she use the pack again to guide her, and then found herself climbing around on he massive surface, looking for an entrance. It was then when she noticed the long trail of smoke that was awkwardly drifting several hundred bricks away, and that the rapid firing of laser weapons had ceased. She frantically looked around, desperately hoping to see LW flying his ship somewhere in sight, but it couldn’t be seen. She stood stunned for a moment, trying to take it in that her friend had literally just been shot down, and wondering what on earth happened when you were killed in cyberspace. Taking a deep breath she also tried to control herself. LW might not be dead, but if he was he certainly wouldn’t have wanted her to just stand around, she needed to move forward. Looking around she wondered over to what looked like the nearest entrance, and started fiddling with the control mechanism. It was completely foreign, and after about five minutes of frustration she ignited her saber and shredded the door, or whatever it was. Below her was a downwards tunnel with a latter bolted into the side. It was small, with only room for one person, and seemed to be just about twelve feet deep. Stepping forwards she began to make her way down, and once down she examined her surroundings. The area opened up a bit more, but not by much. Another door was before her, this one looking more secure than the last. She pressed a button on the control panel, and nothing happened. She pressed the next one, and an unexpected hum filled the room. Frowning she looked around, but no visible change could be detected. She pressed it again and the hum stopped. She then pressed the next button and was a bit surprised to see the door slide open with ease. Stepping through she turned, shut it, and then ripped her mask off, glad to inhale air freely again. The rest of her spacesuit came off just as quickly, and she was soon wondering the halls, unsure as to what she was looking for. Well, that wasn’t exactly true, she was looking for Greenie; however, exactly what to start looking for when searching for Greenie was undecided. He was an interesting character, not exactly fitting it seemed, yet that could have been because he’d hardly spent much time with the group, and a good one third of what he had spent was under some strange mental condition. Trying to predict where he might be was challenging in itself, especially in a ship she’d never stepped foot in in her entire life.

Suddenly she stopped, footsteps could be heard around the next turn. Pressing herself against the wall she slowly ignited her saber once more, and waited. In less than a moment three white and purple guards stepped around the corner, and in less than a moment they were all flat on the floor, not an ounce of life left in them.

“Easier than hoped,” she dryly whispered to herself.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Yay!! I'm in charge of something!! I have an important role!!!
Really awesome chapter, Greenie!!
I even made it into the model!!
1 year ago
Oh yeah, I can feel it. My (probably) unheroic demise draws nearer.
Jk (or am I O_o)

Great chapter!
1 year ago
Sorry for interrupting and annoying you, Gman
1 year ago
I actually really enjoyed adding you in Lax... I tried to give you the same, very serious and in control tone you can posses... and I think it's fitting
. You did a great job-- wait a second... this isn't a film people act in... I'm writing it O_o... well, I would say that if you were acting... you'ed have done a great job

@Gman Enjoy life while you can bro, and thanks
1 year ago
Greenflame, this is my chapter, make sense?

Me, Nope
1 year ago
@Flame Oh... well, then just follow along
1 year ago
Cool chapter Greenie!

Am I just gonna be that one character that only appears in 1 chapter and has only a couple lines?

1 year ago
@Chuck Thank you! And no, you will have more than that... I just have so many characters it's hard to get started
1 year ago
dw chuck you have more then me
1 year ago
@Flame Hey bro, you don't die that early

@Outlaw Thank you
1 year ago
, thanks
1 year ago

Were you really struck by lightning?
1 year ago
The seventh, eighth, and ninth chapter of a story I've been writing
1 year ago
"Cows Can Self Identify as Burgers" You never said a truer word, Greenie.

"Operator has left the world" I hope you're talking about the Minecraft world . . . .

I love how I'm always the mission Operator in all of these.
It perfectly suits me, I would be nowhere near brave enough to actually go on the mission.
1 year ago
@Op Remember about not using that certain tag as well!

Oh, and yes, you left the world.

You're going to play a bigger role, but as a operator
1 year ago
Greenie: I wouldn't have chosen the username "Operator011" if I didn't enjoy being the operator.
I love that role.
1 year ago
(-) Then you shall both live and die as one
1 year ago
Greenie: I can just imagine, like in Cap 2, when Hill is helping everyone communicate, occasionally easily taking out the bad guys trying to get to her. Then again, if there are too many . . . well.
12 months ago
, please don't take offense at that, it's just a joke
. Anyways, that's Guitarman2
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