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New Republic ISD (Carrier Refit)
Published 1 year ago
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The New Republic would capture a good number of Imperial Star Destroyers after the Battle of Endor, many of which would go on to serve in the ranks of the New Republic's navy, where their strength, size, and abundance of these vessels made them useful assets. However, most would undergo substantial modifications to mitigate design flaws and keep them relevant over their service lives.

Originally a late-war ISD-I, the Secutrix sustained heavy damage during the siege of Kuat, where a direct hit to its bomber ordinance stores triggered a chain reaction that gutted most of the ship's forward section. With a captain insisting that the ship fight on despite grievous losses, the lower ranks defected and surrendered the ship to the Rebel Alliance. With Kuat's shipyards still under siege, the Secutrix was transferred to Sullust for a long and laborious refit. It was there that the ship would serve as a testbed for a fleet-carrier redesign programme under Captain Expegas Shack. It would take two years before the ship would be operational, but the newly-christened Deliverance would be ready for duty once again.

The Deliverence is one of the most formidable carriers of its weight-class, capable of supporting a full fighter group with ample room to spare for ground assault elements. However, given the quality-over-quantity approach of Alliance Starfighter Command, the Deliverance has had to make do with whatever it can find, often resorting to up-jumped Z-95 headhunters for the bulk of its anti-fighter capabilities. This comes at the cost of reduced durability, and weapon power has subsequently been rerouted into additional propulsion to compensate. Aside from a comprehensive suite of point defence weapons, the Deliverance sports a trio of twin long-range heavy turbolasers that allow the ship to provide fire support at a safe distance, to supplement the killing power of its bomber wings.

Behold the long-awaited third part of my Rebel ISD project. Renders of the ISD Deliverance are available here: https://imgur.com/a/yI0uKhd
Part 1, the ISD Affinity is available here:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/kOjL8r1Gjx6
Part 2, the ISD Challenger is available here: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/r121E6W72lB
(A lot of old legends lore refers to the New Republic navy having a lot of these ships in their ranks, but they tend to be pictured exclusively as unmodified imperial ships. This project sought to show how these ships might be retooled to fit better to Rebel fleet doctrine and mitigate the ship's usual flaws.)
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1 year ago
can you make it bigger by any chance like to the size of a mini figure could walk around in it?
1 year ago
Te quedo muy bien es de Star Wars
1 year ago
great moc
liked it so much i rendered it
1 year ago
same im using it in something HUGE
1 year ago
@l_e_g_o Glad to hear it! I've dropped my own renders in an imgur gallery in the description, let me know what you thing?

@Havoc301 I look forward to seeing it! Though regrettably upscaling the ship would be difficult: This was based on the Midi-Scale ISD and something larger would require restructuring a much larger model. Nevertheless, feel free to drop a link to your project here when finished!
1 year ago
yes i will drop the link when done(is a while)
it would be nice if Lego had a version that was to the scale in the movies where the figures are compared to the ship or something like that
1 year ago
Amazing! I rendered it but it was not very good. It was supposed to have Coruscant in the background.
1 year ago
Please remove the render. Transparent backgrounds aren't permitted in the rendering section.
1 year ago
It was supposed to have a planet behind it but it did not work. I do not know why.
1 year ago
@ArceanSword here's the link for my project I still have to do some more but its good for now.

<iframe frameborder="0" height="480" width="640" allowFullScreen webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" onmousewheel="" src="https://www.mecabricks.com/en/player/GVjKKOn6jnz"></iframe>

i think its the right link?
1 year ago
yes that one is it
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