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Ninjago Journey-to-the-Outlands (Chapter-2)
Published 3 weeks ago
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Everyone jumped out their seats in an instant! "WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT!!!!", said Jay. The rest of the ninja turned to look at him, as he scooted off into the corner due to embarrassment. "Cole, what did you just say!", exclaimed Kai. "My mother master of earth....she's.....alive!". "Cole that can't be possible, I hate to break it to you, but your mother's long gone.",exclaimed Lloyd. Cole looked at Lloyd as if he wanted to either hug him, crush his spine or both. He moved forwards and said,"I haven't been sleeping right, tossing and turning, frantically moving all over the place. I've had these dreams-no visions! of my mother; trapped, alone, scared, on a place that doesn't feel like ninjago! I know she's in this realm, but she may not be on this island!". "Cole, I don't know what to say?", Nya said in condolence. "I do!",said Lloyd "I'm going with you!"."You...you will?", Cole uttered. Jay came forward and put his hand on Coles shoulder. "We're all in buddy!". "NINJAAAAAAGGOOOOOO!!!!!!", everybody cheered! "Let's go find my mother!", Cole roared!

Well that, was something. Make sure you tune in next time to see what happens next!

Authors notes:(Yeah this is the second part of my first story and it's a ninjago one, this is a Cole based season. So Cole lovers get in line! Anyway I don't have a set schedule for this, I'll post them whenever I've made them. I hoped you like it so far, and thanks for reading!)

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3 weeks ago
Amazing Model, and Storyline!! smiling face with open mouth thumbs up sign
3 weeks ago
No, not yet!...
3 weeks ago
Nice! I love how you did that hallway!
3 weeks ago
Great stuff, this is so interesting! smiling face with open mouth
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the better render Legozavr!
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