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Brainiac’s Revenge: Season 2: Episode 3: The Attack in the Headquarters!
Published 2 years ago
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Brainiac: Those annoying heroes must be stopped so we hired more villains to help us!

???: Done the robot!

Brainiac: Good work! Adam!

Adam: My pressure!

Brainiac: Cause of how much villains we have now! We were able to download a lot of new apps for my Brainiac Phone and make the robot that has the features of my Brainiac Phone! Now we can raid the heroes headquarters just like they always raid my headquarters!

Daisy: Yes! We will attack the heroes!

Chen: Those brats will be defeated once and for all and then we will erase the heroes!

All of the villains: Yes!

Brainiac: Let’s go!

(Meanwhile in the heroes headquarters)

Reece: Oh no! Brainiac is planning to attack us!

j2fam77: He now knows where our headquarters are!

ChuckZilliaTime: We need to stop Brainiac and his army of villains!

Reece: We couldn’t stop Brainiac get more villains to join him! Download more apps to his Brainiac Phone and make a robot with the features of the Brainiac Phone!

j2fam77: Hopefully we can stop him from making a time machine to erase us all!

Reece: He downloaded a lot of new apps and made a robot with the features very quick cause of his big army of villains.

TheRealChonkey: Oh no! They are almost here!

Reece: They are coming so we will have to stop them from coming to raid us!

(Meanwhile outside of the heroes headquarters)

Brainiac: You can’t stop us from coming in!

Chen: It will be a cakewalk cause there’s more of us than the heroes.

Brainiac: You’re right Chen! It will be a cakewalk!

Daisy: Is there a app where you can break stuff on the Brainiac Phone?

Brainiac: Yes! I will use it to break the door to the headquarters!

(Meanwhile inside the heroes headquarters)

Reece: Oh no! Brainiac is using the same app that he used to break out of jail to break the doors!


(A few moments later)

Brainiac: We will attack them now!

Reece: Oh no! We have to defeat the bad guys!

LegoCommanderBacara: I’m the real LegoCommanderBacara!

Brainiac’s clone of LegoCommanderBacara: No! I’m am the real LegoCommanderBacara!

LegoCommanderBacara: Oh no!

ChuckZilliaTime: I’m the real ChuckZilliaTime!

Brainiac’s clone of ChuckZilliaTime: No! I’m am!

ChuckZilliaTime: Brainiac has made clones of all of us except for you Reece!

Reece: Phew! Brainiac didn’t make a clone of me so I will defeat the other villains!

TheRealChonkey: I’m the real TheRealChonkey!

Brainiac’s clone of TheRealChonkey: Ha! Think you are a fool well I’m the more real TheRealChonkey!

TheRealChonkey: Don’t worry! Reece, j2fam77 and MOCmaster aren’t defeated yet!

MOCmaster: I’m more real than you!

Brainiac’s clone of MOCmaster: I’m much more real than you!

MOCmaster: Don’t Worry! j2fam77 will fight his evil clone while Reece will fight the other villains!

j2fam77: I’m the obsidian ninja!

Brainiac’s clone of j2fam77: No! I’m the obsidian ninja!

j2fam77: You may have defeated us but you haven’t defeated Reece!

Daisy: Reece! You can’t stop me!

Reece: Oh yes I can!

Daisy: Noooo!

Claudie: Reece! We meet again!

Reece: Ha! Got you now!

Claudie: Noooo!

Reece: Brainiac! We will meet again!

Brainiac: Reece! I have a bigger army than your’s!

Reece: j2fam77! MOCmaster! ChuckZilliaTime! LegoCommanderBacara! TheRealChonkey! Don’t give up!

All of the heroes: We will never give up!

Brainiac’s clones of all the heroes except for Reece: Oh noooooo!

Chen: You can’t stop me and Brainiac!

Brainiac: I have reinforcements!

Brainiac’s Reinforcements: Get them!

Reece: There’s too many!

j2fam77: Reece! You must go while the rest of us hold them!

Reece: I hope the rest of you can hold them off cause we will never give up!

(A few moments later)

Reece: Bye! See you when you hopefully defeated them!

j2fam77: Brainiac has the upper hand!

Brainiac: Ha! You can’t hold them for long!

MOCmaster: If we still had The ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE ULTIMATE Weapon! We would have defeated them by now!

j2fam77: Sadly! It’s in space!

Brainiac: Your time will be up!

TheRealChonkey: We have to stop them!

Chen: Brainiac! Do you have stuff to capture them and bring them to our headquarters?

Brainiac: I have chains to capture them!

j2fam77: Oh no! We have to escape now!

(A few moments later in the Ninjacopter)

Reece: I need to watch the news!

Tina Gossip: Hello! My name is Tina Gossip the older sister of Gayle Gossip! Here’s the news! Firstly! Brainiac has successfully raided the heroes headquarters because Brainiac now knows where the headquarters are and he has a bigger army than ever because of ads made by Brainiac to make people join him! Brainiac also has captured all of the heroes except for Reece to be brought to his headquarters so it’s up to the sole non-captured hero to stop Brainiac’s plan to erase the heroes forever!

Reece: I need to go to Brainiac’s headquarters to stop his plan to erase me and the others forever!

(Meanwhile at Brainiac’s Headquarters)

Brainiac: Our raid has been successful cause we have more people than ever thanks to my ads!

Daisy: It has been a honour!

Brainiac: Bring out the prisoners!

Daisy: Ok!

j2fam77: You will pay for this!

Brainiac: Daisy! Lock them up in cells!

Daisy: Ok!

MOCmaster: What the heck!

j2fam77: Hopefully! Reece will free us!

Brainiac: Now! I want all of you to build the time machine to get rid of those idiots! Once and for all!

All of the villains except Brainiac: Ok!

(Meanwhile on the Ninjacopter)

Reece: I’m nearly there! While the heroes have no headquarters now! I have to sleep here tonight so auto pilot must be on!

Ninjacopter’s Machine: Ok! Auto Pilot Enabled!

(The next day)

Reece: *wakes up* We are here now!

Ninjacopter’s Machine: Auto Pilot Off!

Brainiac: He’s here but at least we have already built the time machine!

Brainiac: Get him!

Reece: Ha! You can’t stop me!

Brainiac: Chen! Daisy! and I will go to the time machine to erase the heroes forever!

Chen: Ok!

Daisy: I hope Reece doesn’t get on with us!

Reece: I will!

Brainiac: This time machine will go back in time in 5! 4! 3! 2!

Reece: I’m on it!

Brainiac: 1! 0!

Claudie: God! Reece went with them!

Adam: At least we have the others.

To be continued.
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