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Chapter 19
Published 2 months ago
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Ok, I feel as if though this chapter is going to be full of errors... but oh well... I'm kinda trying to finish this story off fairly quickly... the next chapter could possibly be the last. We will see

The ship lurched, and shook, and vibrated like a crazy piece of mechanical jello. A huge door fell open at the end of the mobile prison, and in walked about fifty well armed MDD guards. The laser bars slid away, and each one of us were rushed out and into a large room. The place was covered in wires, tubes, machinery, and was overall dark. We were herded towards the center of the room, and where met by a surprisingly large number of people. My heart sunk as I spotted both Fee Fee and AJ.

“Ugh!” once more I fell flat on my face, and found that a guard had pushed me. They were motioning for us to sit down. Rolling over I sat up and shifted towards AJ. “Are you alright?” I asked in a concerned tone. She just shrugged in response, making me feel terrible.

“Greenflame,” I looked up to see Kellie sit down next to me. “Where is Roo?”

I looked around, Roo was my youngest sister and couldn’t have made it on her own.

“Um,” I turned to AJ. “Have you seen Roo?” She shook her head, this was bad.

Boom! Large doors suddenly burst open, and in walked the dark horned figure who still carried his gross sword of fire.

“Greeting pons,” he began with a confidence that made us feel sick. “Again greetings and welcome—” he was cut off by MrBricks angry voice which pierced the air with uncertainty.

“You don’t have to be redundant!”

“Shut up MrBrick,” the figure growled with impatience.

“You know my name?”

“I summoned you here, I know all your names.”

“Oh that’s not true,” I began with a tenge of humor. If we could stall, perhaps someone else was in Mecabricks, maybe Operator, or Chuck, or even Peter Andrewson could figure something out.

“You don’t know what—”

“I summoned my siblings, you had nothing to do with that. In fact, they didn’t even have accounts. I doubt you knew they existed.”

At this burst of defiance the menacing lord of threat stormed over and placed his face less than an inch away from my own.

“Listen fool, I don’t care what you have to say, I started this and everything that has happened has happened because of me. You would do best to keep your mouth shut before—”, I couldn’t contain myself, I spat in his eye. Ok, I know that sounds like a dumb idea, and it was, but I have to explain myself. The figure seemed to be made of hot coals and lava rock. His eyes looked like burning embers and I couldn’t help, as much as I didn’t try, to think about what would happen if I spat into one of them. Would it go out? Now I’m from the country, and spitting is just a part of live. Though I hold to the policy that I don’t really do it around women unless need be, I still spit, and I can spit pretty good. So, upon seeing this burning target I naturally had to try.

“Curse you blasted,” I was to taken aback and startle when a couple MDD guards grabbed me and all but drug me towards a pair of metal doors to hear the rest of the foul language that poured out of the furious foe.

“I’ll do away with you for good! Besides, I was going to have to use one of you as an engird source in the first place,” was the last thing I heard him yell as I was flung into the room.

“Ouch, I said as I pushed myself up for the, agh, I hadn’t even bothered to count how many times I’d eaten dirt. Looking around I observed a desk, to my right, and before me some kind of electric pod. It was big enough for a figure to fit inside of. I gulped, that’s probably what he was planning on using too, he had said energy source. This was sounding prettier by the minute.

“Turn around!” I jumped and turned to face the figure again. He was more menacing than before and, to my disappointment, both eyes seemed as good as ever, or perhaps I should say as evil as ever.

“Listen kid, all your friends and family are now under my control. You will sacrifice yourself—”

“In order to transmit them back to earth. I imagine this is the newest form of kidnapping, and I’d say it’s a pretty unbelievable plan too.”

He stared at me with an unreadable expression, and then shook his head in annoyance as he walked towards the control panel.

“Boy you are clever,” he said as he brought an intercom to his mouth. “Order 13/12.1, send in my First henchmen.” Placing the com down he turned in my direction with a mischievous smile. “I’m sure you’ed like to see my henchmen wouldn’t you?”

“Um,” I paused to think of something clever to say but was interrupted when the door burst open and in walked none other than TheZillaKillaGorilla.

“Chuck!” I exclaimed with astonishment as more of the evil laughter rippled through the room. Chuck’s face was stern, and quiet, and he showed no sign of sympathy or care.

“Meet my first henchmen, I call him Zilla.”

“W’ve met before, but Chuck what are yo—”

“I will have my revenge of Big Chungus.”


“What are your orders Master Wraith?”

“Well is everyone locked in their pods?”

“Yes Master.”

“Very well, have this boy fill out the transition paper while I step inside my own digital portal.” And with this he walked to his left where another pod was placed.

“Write on this,” I heard Chuck say as he placed a paper and pen on the nearby desk.

“Write what? And who says I’m going to do so?”

“You will fill out the forum or else I shall use the rest of your family as transition fuel instead of you,” Master Wraith firmly stated from across the room. “Is that clear child?”

Anger burned within me now, he had everything as he wanted. “Fine,” I said while stepping over to the desk and lifting the pen. Suddenly, power seemed to flow through me like an indescribable story. I looked at the pen in my hand, and then up at Chuck, and then back at my pen. This was no ordinary pen, but a writers pen, which means it had no limits as long as it was used well. My brain was now at work, I was almost certain in what I was supposed to write. How the future effects the past, I will never know, but what I do know is as I began to mark down the answers to a previous plot hole a smile burst across my face.

“Sir,” I said while lifting my old distasteful piece of junk up and pointing it at the back of the evil lords head.

“What is it—” he stopped and stared at me with wonder. Chuck and left the room, and he was now alone with, well, me. And I was holding a trashy looking gun. “Where did you get that,” he said with rage as he charged towards me. I had only seconds to react, and so I did.

“Remember the Alamo!” I shouted once more as I mercilessly pulled the trigger of my once seemingly unfaithful gun. A blue explosion filled the room in front of me and I turned to cover my eyes from the bright light. In less than a moment, the man was dead.


“What,” RC said as he staggered out of the uncomfortable pod. The last thing he had remembered was being forced into the thing, and after that everything went black. Now he was standing outside again. He looked around, he was still a minifigure and, yes, he was still in the large room. Everyone else was clumsily finding their way around as well.

“Agh!” He shouted as he realized he was standing on a dead MDD guard.

“It’s alright,” he heard an unfamiliar voice call from across the room. Everyone looked up to see who it was.

“Chuck!” Guitarman2 called out in unbelief. “I think you just saved our lives.”

“Sorta, I’ve been working with the MDD this whole time. Didn’t realize they were bad until like an hour ago tho…”

“Wait,” RC began in a puzzled tone. “You helped get us captured?”

“Um,” Chuck looked down at his feet. “Sorta.”

Suddenly everyone looked as I burst through the door while screaming withs shouts victory and joy.

“I’m not dead dead dead dead dead not not alive!” I was bursting with happiness, and felt like leaping across the room no matter how hard I ended up hitting the floor.

“Greenie,” MrBrick said while raising his hand. “I think you can,” he suddenly looked around, and for the first time actually took in what had just happened. “I’m alive too!” He screamed forgetting that he had just been in the middle of asking me to calm down. “Greenie I’m not not dead, like you said!”

“MrBrick is a poet!” Chuck started screaming, and soon the whole lot of users where running like wild chickens and frighted goats. We were alive, we were safe, and we didn’t know what else to do but scream for joy.

Boom! We all froze as the sound echoed through the chamber like a nightmare that had just come to life. Boom boom!

“Um Chuck,” Snap said with a tinge of concern. “What is that?”

Chuck looked towards a set of metal doors to our left, and then on our right, and all around. “Oops.” He said in a whisper. “I forgot there were other guards than the ones in this room.”

“What!” Some random user shouted in disgust and she ran back towards her pod like if it was the only safe place in the world.

“Sorry,” Chuck said while cringing.

“Wait, can’t you just pretend you are bad?” LL asked.

“Um, they have been watching us through the cameras.”

“They have cameras!”

Pow! The doors burst open and in swarmed hundreds of red and black men. Things weren’t over yet.
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2 months ago
love it!
i wasnt expecting THAT to be my role!
2 months ago
"Piece of mechanical jello" I love all the similes, they're very clever and funny.

I guess this'll teach us to be careful of what animals we accidently hit on the road. I was not expecting Big what's his name to come in here
2 months ago
@Guitarman2 Thoinks

Thanks man, I'm glad you lik-- Love it

@D_R06 Thanks so much
. To be honest, I thought you might say something about the mechanical jello line

@Justy... I know you haven't said anything... but... you will get this...
2 months ago
Nice! This was an interesting chapter, for sure! I need to re-read this entire series. I don't think I ever read chapter one, and if I did, I didn't read the middle portion of the story. xD
2 months ago
@O011 Thanks, the first chapters aren't really that good in my opinion
I was new to the whole thing... they are also kinda slow. I've thought about re-writing this someday and putting it into a file for y'all "all" to read.
2 months ago
Reminds me of so many fantastic books I've read, bro! This is amazing
2 months ago
That’s hilarious, great job!
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