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Xizor AH-5 Avega
Published 9 months ago
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A creative exercise during lockdown, developing models from very few parts. This ship was originally built using parts of the mini-scale lunar lander, along with the Saturn V third stage engine and launch escape tower.

Clocking in at almost three hundred metres, the Avega was a modular bulk freighter developed in-house by Xizor Transport Systems. The flat-bed midsection could accommodate a wide range of cargo, including those too large or awkward for even a Baleen-Class freighter, while the ship's heavily reinforced nose provided ample hold space for pressurized cargo. This made the Avega a passable freighter and an even better cover story for the Black Sun Syndicate, as the ship had always been intended as a secret warship.

The Avega's modular design allowed for easy refit. While the ship's original propulsion system was sluggish, many vessels would install auxiliary reactors and extra drives in the flatbed section for added speed. The heavily-built nose proved excellent at absorbing turbolaser shots or storing concealed weapons in, and several ships would bolt on aftermarket missile launchers or torpedo racks to the ship's lower fins. The whole ensemble allowed the Xizor Shipping Company to operate a detachment of light warships while keeping them hidden in plain sight on the company's books.

(The left-most model is the original Saturn 5 based design. The right model is the original Avega bulk freighter, while the central model is one modified as a front-line ship.)
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