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“I Didn’t Forget: A Musical Plea to Shut Up”
Published 2 months ago
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“How about the fresh prince of bel-air?“
“Please add parks and recs! Chris Pratt is super funny in it!“
“what about the truman show! huh, I assumed everyone's heard of the truman show.“
“You forgot The Riddle from one of the Batman movies“
“Just some other suggestions: Jonathan Barnavelt from The house with the clock in its walls, R. L. Stine from Goosebumps”
“I forgot that Benedict Cumberpatch voiced the [EVIL ENTITY] in Good Omens.”
“your going to have few more after MoM...”
“I'd like to add Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher Series ordered by Netflix.“
“U forgot snakes on a plane! jus put a guy in a suit holding a gun an a snake!!!!“
“you forgot Hobbs”
“I should point he plays The Foundation in Fortnite.”
“and don't forget about Alfred in the 2022 Batman movie!!!“
“Also is Edward Buck in Halo 5, Richard Castle in Castle.“
“He's also T.D.K from the new suicide squad movie.“
“what about the Farmer's insurance commeercials?“
“What about cave johnson from portal 2?“
“But what about omni man fron invincible“
“I just realized you didn’t include his role in gravity falls as Ford. *grumpy entitled noises*”
“im kinda disappointed you didn't mention batman returns or always sunny in Philadelphia”
“I'm very disappointed to not see Ongo Gablogian on here.”
“I also am a big fan of his actor (Hugo Weaving who by the way you need to add V to your model WIZ).”
“What about the one from Mississipi Burning?”
“What about (slightly bad drum roll) Thomas Wake?”
“Wasn't he also in Dune?“
“aDd nAnNy mCfEe“

(Performed by Wiz & the Boy-w/-Tall-Girl-Band. Lyrics and melody by WizardBuilds1)

*spoken word* “The band is back, y’aaaaaaaaall…”

*jaunty, fast-paced tune, with equally fast-paced vocals*

Now, I’ve published nearly 50 of these thespians in question

But one small problem always ends up in the comment section

From J.K.—to Jack Black—to Samuel L

I’ve got a big dilemma and I think it’s time I tell, that—

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) I just haven’t seen it!

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) Now quit whining—I mean it!

(NO, HE DIDN’T FORGET) I’m sure that character is great!

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) I’ll watch it one day, but please wait!

From Blockbuster to Indie style, I love films big and small

But being merely 14 years, can’t hope to see ‘em all

It’s a different case with TV shows, don’t treat me like a loon

But I wasted many years with NETFLIX sitcoms & cartoons—STILL—

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) I just haven’t seen it!

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) Now quit whining—I mean it!

(NO, HE DIDN’T FORGET) I’m sure that character is great!

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) I’ll watch it one day, but please wait!

(‘CAUSE HE DIDN’T FORGET) I hope my message came through!

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) That I don’t have to do boo!

(NO, HE DIDN’T FORGET) Although you may have asked me to!

(HE DIDN’T FORGET) I don’t watch the same stuff as you!

*brief drumroll interlude*

I— *musical flourish*

DID— *musical flourish*

NOT— *musical flourish*


*grand finale, with trumpets, cymbals and the like*


*spoken word* “Now shut up, will ya?”

*song abruptly ends with one final note*
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2 months ago
Astro - *pretends to be confused* Why would I forget about you? You posted a comment, just now! (Unless I have short-term memory loss…
2 months ago
so is this song kind of like "Friend Like Me?"
'cause I'm getting those vibes...
not that it's a bad thing!
2 months ago
haha yeah, I'm being mentioned annoying wiz, yipee

2 months ago
Justy - Yep, they’re both jazzy, I guess…

EMINEM - Thanks! KingofAce was the winner of my PFP competition—he made it for me!
Build-A-Bear - You only did it one time, and you actually stopped, (when you saw it was bothering me) so I really appreciate that. It just needed to mentioned alongside the rest of the list…
2 months ago
Wiz: Oh-hoho, don’t make me sing the whole song…
2 months ago
Justy - You didn’t actually read it the first time, did you? *lower lip trembles*

Astro - Go ahead. It’s a classic.
2 months ago
I was wondering when the band was coming back.
2 months ago
*deep breath*

My name is Astro Unfit… And I wrote this song…
Hey, hey hey hey!

Ooh, ooh, ooh, woah!

Won’t you come see about me?

I’ll be alone, dancing to disco, baby

Tell me your troubles and doubts

Giving me everything inside and also out

And love’s strange, so ready or not

Here I come like a buzz, running with thunder blood

And slow change may pull us apart

Or if a knife stabs into your heart, Daisy!

Don’t you

Forget about me!

Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t

Don’t you

Forget about me!

Will you recognize me?

Will you call my name and say it nicely?

Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling

Down, down, down, down

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah!

As you walk on by, will you call my name?

As you walk on by, will you call my name?

C’mon! Sing it with me!
La-la-la-la (Don’t you)

La-la-la-la (Forget about me!)


Woah, woah, woah, don’t!

Don’t you

Forget about me!

Don’t, don’t, don’t, do not!

Really should’ve stretched first…
2 months ago
INCREDIBLE Truly a masterpiece
1 month ago
FB - Thanks!
Your new PFP is awesome, BTW! (I’ve never seen you with a boring or bad profile picture…)
1 month ago
@Wiz, thanks, I try to keep things spicy, so when hammey did this it was an immediate change
1 month ago
My pfp is actually one somebody made for me years ago, and I only just now thought to use it
1 month ago
My pfp is the worst render of all time with a 2 minute model
1 month ago
Astro - I love how literal it is. It’s like one of those music videos with “Google Images” people make on YouTube.
1 month ago
this model is exploding faster than me trying to wait for something...

anyway, ill microwave this burrito now
*beep boop beep*

1 month ago
Quick question, How tall is tall_girl?
1 month ago
Starborn - 5’11 in real life. But her SigFig is Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, who has unnaturally long legs.
1 month ago
I have this friend wo when we were 7 as tall as the teacher, wonder how tall he is now ?
1 month ago
*runs and measures self* Wizzkid, Okay, I am a little taller than 6ft
6 days ago
This from high school music or something, cuz its kinda lesbigay ngl
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