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Brainiac’s Revenge Episode 5: Trouble in the Gamer’s Market!
Published 2 years ago
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Reece: We see the galaxy we going to.

TheRealChonkey: Here we go!

(Meanwhile in the Prime Empire)

Lloyd: Harumi surrender now!

Harumi: Ha surrender Lloyd!

Jay: Get off me Richie.

Richie: Ha I going to never being off you!

Kai: The red visors are no match for my fire.

Red Visor 1: We got Kai only Scott Nya Cole and Okino left!

Okino: You’re not match for me Red Visors.

Red Visor 2: Only 3 Left!

Nya: You’re no match Red Visors because Water can damage electricity:

All Red Visors: Ha ha Her water can’t damage us only 2 left.

Cole: Me and Scott are the only ones left Oh no! we must be quick to attack them:

All Red Visors: Only Scott left!

Scott: I am the last one left that means all of the villains at once are attacking me!

Harumi Richie and All Red Visors: Yay we win.

Harumi: You’re our prisoners now 7 of you.

Richie: Rats beats ninjas.

Red Visor 1: We are unstoppable now.

Red Visor 2: Unagami’s team and the villains are unstoppable!

(Meanwhile at the Temple of Madness)

Unagami: I got a call from my leader.

Brainiac: Hello there game villain my name is Brainiac I am a villain who’s going to shrink not just Earth but the whole universe this time and the universe will be under my control and what is your name?
Unagami: My name is Unagami the main villain of Prime Empire and the final boss.

Brainiac: Cool now here’s my ally Chen he is the first Chitauri ever.

Chen: Hi Fellow Ally my name is Chen a Chitauri and what is your name?

Unagami: My name is Unagami.

Chen: Hi Unagami you’re one of the many villains for My and Brainiac’s master plan to shrink the whole universe and so do you want to join the plan?

Unagami: Yes Chen any way this is the end of the call.

Chen and Brainiac: Well Ok bye Unagami!

Unagami: Bye Chen and Brainiac see you soon.

Chen and Brainiac: See you soon.

(Back at the Gamer’s Market)

Harumi Richie and All Red Visors: Take them to the departed realm or the Empire of Madness.

Reece LegoCommanderBacara and TheRealChonkey: Not so fast villains cause the heroes are unstoppable with my team.

All Red Visors: Get them.

Reece: Keep attacking!

Reece: Oh no the Millennium Falcon has clashed oh no!

Harumi Richie and All Red Visors: We got them at last oh no their ship is crashing to us!

Reece: Heroes move away from the villains!

TheRealChonkey: Finally we got them.

LegoCommanderBacara: Reece you’re making the heroes free!

Reece: Okay then.

Jay Nya Lloyd Cole Kai Scott and Okino: Yay we are free and we know you your name is Reece.

Reece: I know your names too they are Jay Nya Lloyd Cole Kai Scott and Okino thank you but my team’s Millennium Falcon is destoryed.

Scott: I know a better vehicle to use it’s my vehicle it’s the Ninja Slider Car 2.0 the updated editon of my vehicle made by me unlike 1.0 it can fly but when it been to a different universe it can’t come back here.

Reece LegoCommanderBacara and TheRealChonkey: Bye all of you.

Scott Jay Nya Lloyd Cole Kai and Okino: Bye forever:

To be continued in Episode 6?
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