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Published 5 months ago
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Hey. It's been a while.

I've been gone for about a year now. I was bored and needed something to do, so I went and looked through all the old, old models I've published, all of the mini lore that will forever haunt me, the many, many stories I never even got close to finishing, and the old Neon Ninja spinoff I did (and by "spinoff" that was literally just young me stealing models and using them for my own.)

And, let's be honest here, I can't bare to view those with my bare eyes again. I thought I was so popular, having little "announcement pages", fake movie reveals, or things like that. It's almost cute. And, god, PLEASE let me forget about TG Month (hEy GuYs ItS tG mOnTh So YoU hAvE tO cElEbRaTe Me!!!11!1)

Anyway, I won't be on here as often anymore (maybe). I wouldn't say this is the end, though.

Let's just call it a new beginning.

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5 months ago
Hi, it's nice that you returned, I'm sure MecaBricks feels different right?
You probably never met me on MecaBricks, but I was on back when you were, just didn't post models or comment yet. I remember looking at your models after you left and I wondered if you would come back, I was so surprised when I saw this! Well, I hope you can make friends and maybe find your old ones?
See you around!

(That was me trying to write a nice "welcome back" comment, I hope it wasn't too cringy)
5 months ago
Thanks guys.
by tg
256 models | 21.3k views