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Published 5 years ago
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Nebulon B MOC by LDIEgo (https://ideas.lego.com/projects/35323 ) render with Mecabrick&Blender Cycles.

Happy new year everyone !
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5 years ago
That render is incredible !
5 years ago
Is there a tuto to use Cycles and Blender to obtain such a realistic render (Blender alone is sooo slow)? Or maybe could you share your blender file ? Or explain how you obtain this ?
5 years ago
Thank you everyone !

@arno592000 Blender Cycle is just the render engine used by the template available here. If you use the Blender template you use Cycle. It's not that long, that render@1080p and 1000 sample took 2 hours on an i7 with 8 cores (4 hyper treading).

You can follow the tutorial by Cynaptic (here: http://mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/364 ), you will have a solid base and some of the tips make a world of difference, even if it's subtle for the eyes.

Next you'll need a pretty good HDR image (I can't share mine, it's a commercial one, but you can find pretty good replacement online with a bit a research. I used to use these quite a lot : http://www.maximeroz.com/hdri-free-pack/ )

Then I took a look on Blender swap to find some props to dress the scene.
You will probably need to tweak a little bit the materials but that not a very big deal.

And that it, you press render with a nice subtle FOV, you add a light lens distortion, you play a little with the color correction and it's ready to go !
5 years ago
Incredible render!!
5 years ago
Truly amazing. And that Falcon may be the best I've ever seen at that scale.
5 years ago
Wow what a render!
5 years ago
Thats a really good render SaitoGray!
5 years ago
Very nice render!
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