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Chapter 10
Published 1 year ago
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Here we gooooooo!

They were off to the races, and desperately hoping Lax had indeed shut down all the security cameras located in their route to the prison cells. Guitarman2 and his group had split off several minutes ago, and where now looking for the unmistakable black door Lax had mentioned.

“There are only gray doors,” RickardCinema was saying with frustration.

“No, there are six gray doors and one black door. Just look,” Snap retorted. They were already slightly annoyed that they had been put on the same team, and Snap was even more annoyed that RC persisted that the single black door might not be the one.

“I don’t care what color it is, there might be a different black door, like, further down the hall.”

“Honestly,” JCreations started, “He said a black door, and here one is. I think we should just go with it.”

“But he said unmistakeable,” RC protested again. “This is just a plain old black door, no special carvings, lights, buttons, designs; nothing!”

“RC, it’s it okay.” Snap stepped forward while speaking and put his hand out to open the door, only to be floored by RC.

“No Snappy, you can’t!”

“Yes I—”

“Guys get off each other,” JCreations interrupted, only to be tackled by Chuck who thought the whole situation was hilarious. In less than fifteen seconds it had all become reckless, and they were tangled in a mess.

“Enough guys,” Guitarman2 said firmly, emerging from the shadows where he had disappeared. “I radioed Lax and he said it’s not actually the door, and it’s good that we waited.”

Everyone stood speechless, too embarrassed to say anything. The fact that they hadn’t suggested radioing Lax, the easiest thing to do in a confusing situation, made them all quite dumbfounded.

“Lets get a move on fellers,” Gman lead with a wave of his arm. They walked further down the hall, and to another door that looked no different than the last. “This is it,” he stated calmly, unaware of everyone else’s annoyed confusion.

“Um, Guitar guy?” Chuck asked blankly.


“Lax lied.”

“No, he didn’t—”

“Yes he did. What do you call someone who’s untruthful?”

“Chuck, Lax wasn’t being untruthful.”

“He did tell us it would be unmistakeable,” Snap pointed out.

“Yes but there probably was a confusion or something, or maybe he was being sarcastic, or joking.”

“My mom always said that if a joke lasts for more than ten seconds it’s a lie,” Chuck argued back.

“Well maybe Lax’s mom is different.”

“How could she be different! All mom’s are the same!”

The fighting continued, and nobody noticed JCreations open the door, until after the laser had flown through the doorway and struck him in the chest. Falling to the floor he gasped for help, but none could help him in time.

“Jeepers Creepers! Snap shouted as he thrusted himself against the wall, the others following him. They were all stunned, lasers were shooting out fromm the doorway, and JCreations lay motionless on the floor.

“Pull out your weapons men,” Gman commanded with complete seriousness.

“But we have a funeral to make!” Chuck yelled back in disrespect, if you could count it as disrespect.

“Funerals can wait, right now survival is key.”

They each pulled out a blaster, and on Gman’s single charged into the mostly empty hanger bay. Several large crates were scattered around, behind which they took shelter from the incoming fire.

“Those guys are Lax troopers!” Chuck screamed. “They are wearing purple!”

“Chuck, Lax is in disguise, of course he’s matching these dudes. Just shut your mouth and fight,” RC yelled back.

“Okay,” Chuck said, throwing his blaster behind his back and doing something no one expected. In a whirl of yellow and gold he leaped from behind his crate, wielding two red katanas. As he deflected each blast he charged forwards, and then began to wackjack the small group of white and purple soldiers. Within seconds all was still and quiet. Everyone stood stunned, except for Chuck, and those who’ed died. Chuck because he hadn’t thought anything of his actions, and those who were dead because, well, because they’ed died.

“Chuck,” Gman began slowly, but was interrupted by Snaptoit.

“JCreations!” He screamed while running towards the exit, which suddenly closed on its own right before he passed through. He hit the closed door with a sickening thud, and then fell backwards in horror and dismay.

“They just blocked his body from us!” Chuck screamed.

“Guys, this sounds hard, but we can grieve later, right now we need to move forward.” As he spoke more guards suddenly flooded in through an entrance on the opposite end of the room, blasting at everyone. Chuck flipped upwards and then began his routine again, Snap rolled across the floor until he was once again behind a crate, and the remaining two began firing their own weapons. It seemed as though guards were pouring in like milk on cereal, and no progress was being made to stop them. As soon as one was killed two or three more would take his place. Snap had retrieved his blaster, but was having trouble fighting as the trigger would get jammed every two or three shots. Things weren’t just looking ugly, they were.


Lord Phantom stood behind his desk of complex computers, editing a few bits of coding. The door at the end of his thrown room suddenly slid open, and in walked his knew pawn, Greenflame24. He looked the same, except for a certain darkness that seemed to circle around his eyes, and a more grim expression.

“Ah Greenflame, my faithful servant. I see they’ve finished the process?”

“Yes my lord,” he said dryly.

“Good, very good. Now, I do have one question; what of those friends of yours?”

“They are under protection from one of your own servants, he’s cut off power to a number of security cameras in the locations they will be passing through. I have already commanded a guard to intersect their pathway however, they won’t survive.”

“Oh, you are a master Greenflame! I do have two more questions though. First, which servant of mine has betrayed me?”

“Lax_Swag my lord.”

“What!” Lord Phantom yelled in rage. He turned and flung a ghastly ball of purple flame into the nearest object, which it completely demolished. He began to pant, and after a few seconds recoiled, and once more looked Greenflame in the eyes. “Alright then, at least he will die. He is with them am I correct?”

“Yes, he is, and will die.”

“Good; and now, I have found one of your friends wandering through my halls in sight of the cameras. She’s alone, and must have come from a fighter we shot down about an hour ago. My guards don’t seem to be a match for her, though truthfully, I’ve not sent very many. What do you make of this?”

Greenflame stared blankly for a second, as if he was pondering something he couldn’t remember; this he quickly shook off however and continued.

“I believe that is Dragon_Rider06.”

“Oh, is she needed to us?”

“No my lord.”

“Well, then get rid of her.”

“I’ll see to it personally.”

“Good. Also,” he reached into his cloak and pulled out a lightsaber. “This is yours, use it.”

Greenflame took the weapon and left without a word, leaving behind a smiling Lord and an almost finished project of destruction.

“Try and stop me children,” Phantom whispered, “try and fail miserably.”

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Oh yes! I forgot to say... I'm going to use my Legend figures for those who have them
1 year ago
Such an interesting chapter, and what a cliff-hangar!!!
Awesome job, Greenie!!!
1 year ago
Yes, always check the shadows. I'll probably be there.
1 year ago
I love how I'm just a jerk to literally everyone
1 year ago
@Chuck Thanks! I would so most of us a jerks
. It's hard to explain everyones personality with so many characters... and in such a small story... but basically how I consider you is this very crazy yet confident guy, who, though most of what he says is just craziness, is probably the most talented person on the team... however he doesn't even realize he's talented

@Flame Man... you really like saying Nice... or noice... don't you?
, anyways, thanks... and yes... darkness is falling.

@Whoever commented next. Thank you Lax! The next chapter might be the best, if not second best, imo.

@Gman Yeah, lurking around... or just trying to escape everyone else's craziness. You are one of the few actually serious characters
... unlike myself...
1 year ago
@Greenie: Well, your not wrong
1 year ago
@Chuck I feel like we need an IronMan gif there...
1 year ago
@Green_of_fire, yeah I say it a lot irl O_o
1 year ago
Man, this was hilarious and intense all at once.
Nice work!!
1 year ago
Well that was unexpected! Poor JCreations!

Help! *grips lightsaber nervously*
1 year ago
@Snap Thank you!!!!
, That's what I'm aiming for

@Dragon You know what they say... Gmans next

@JYALB O_O... mommy... save me
1 year ago
Man, this Operator guy is being quite weird. He lives among the tags, I assume?

Dang, this chapter was dark. And I can't wait to see D_R's arc, she seems to be one of the most interesting characters!
1 year ago
@Justy... oh... well... then... DADDY!!!!

@Operator D_R Has a very important role, sadly it's ended... for now.
1 year ago
Greenie: Yeah, found that out.
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