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Lothal Heist [star wars contest]
Published 2 months ago
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The Star wars rebels team stealing some speeder bikes on the planet of Lothal, Sabine Wren as a distraction by spray painting a wall with Kannan Jarrus to deflect the shots fired at her. Garazeb Orelios Taking out the Walker pilot and Ezra bridger Steals the first bike

Speeder bikes are a modified version of This: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/7l2B65kq20N

For this contest: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1w2rmpPPa8W
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2 months ago
great moc!!
(i honestly hate the rebels show tho)
2 months ago
It really grew on my in the later seasons but there are definatily issues with it like how sabine never actually used the darksaber because it would be too violent for a "kids" show
2 months ago
That episode was funny! Ezra saved a vendor from getting his Jogans taken away. Then he stole the Jogans!
2 months ago
L_E_G_O said 32x32 and this is a 32x32 baseplate
2 months ago
Nice moc! A couple of things. Sabine's hair should be a different color, assuming this is post kanan blinding, and Ezra's hair should be short. ik, imma rebels nerd
2 months ago
Hi Amy oak, you are super talented at rendering, as said by l_e_g_o. So I was wondering if you could render my birds nest. I am. Submitting it to lego ideas, so it needs to look good and I just can’t get the quality of the bricks to look good, if you make a render, I will give credit in the description. Thanks!
2 months ago
Sure, i can render it. ill start the render now but im gonna be out of the house before its finished so I wont be able to send you it for a bit
2 months ago
This is quite nice! This brings back good memories -- we have good family friends who (when they were young teens - they are now both adults) used to enter Star Wars build contests. Their mom died of cancer when they were young, and their dad was never there for them; building LEGOs was their escape and brought them peace. They loved the clones most especially, since Clone Wars was a very new emerging show. They could build some absolutely amazing stuff, and this build reminded me of some of the individual units in their larger Mocs. Great detail and posing!
2 months ago
Lego has had a simmilar effect on so many people myself included and im glad my model could bring back good memories
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