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Another Knight of Ren
Published 3 weeks ago
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Hello! Here is my cerean and second knight of Ren, just as you requested. I made a custom Cerean head, and it is grouped for easy posability.

Civilian name: Jy Nax

Knight name: Ren Jy

Age: 32 (I'm assuming that cereans age at the same rate as humans, but this is her biological age)

Height: 6' 3"

Weight/size: Broad-shouldered, tall, and nimble. Surprisingly light on her feet for someone so large, and walks very, very quietly.

Cause: "What is the point of living? Protecting others. The First Order and remnants of the Empire must stop. They have done good, but they have not stopped to see whether they have done more harm than good. I fight them, to make them see. My conclusion is that their leaders are selfish and corrupt. Nothing is worth doing except protecting others. My skill is stealth. My mission is ridding the galaxy of the corrupt heads of the First Order and Empire. I will not rest until my mission is complete." - Jy Nax

Hobbies: Singing, playing instruments native to her home planet of Cerea, running.

Home base: Apartment on Coruscant, but wants to return to her beautiful home planet, Cerea.

Ship name: Aryx

Ship type: Inyusu-class Star Yacht

I hope this intro covers everything!

God bless you!

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3 weeks ago
Delightful! Since Lax_Swag didn't seem up to it, I will make the last one.
3 weeks ago
Btw thank you for capturing the ninja look!
3 weeks ago
I'm glad you like it! Yes, I figured that needed to happen.
3 weeks ago
It is not that I didn't seem up to it, it is just that I had no time
3 weeks ago
I sent you a friend request on LEGO Life. My name on there is KingFairReindeer.
3 weeks ago
j2: Okay, but I haven't been on LL in like, a year. I don't think I'll be on anytime soon, either . . . .
3 weeks ago
Ok, not saying you did a bad job because you didn't... but just say'n... if a female ever looked like that they would be the ugliest being in the universe...
thankfully Star War creatures don't exist
Also, I know they aren't really that complex... at all... but I actually really like those guns
3 weeks ago
I know this is irrelevant to this post, but holy crap, your PFP is AWESOME!
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Greenie: Yes, Cereans aren't the best looking, but they make up for it with their two brains and hearts. Oh, thanks! Yes, they're not complex at all, just three pieces. Thank you! I'm glad you like it! (Referencing PFP)

DLB: Thank you! It was actually your PFP that made me want to change it. xD
3 weeks ago
@011 it was actually snap studio’s old PFP that inspired me! Lol
2 weeks ago
Hey Buddy, could you make me a cool profile pic?
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