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Tyrannosaurus Rex diorama
Published 2 months ago
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This was going to be a LEGO Ideas project. After multiple attempts to submit it, making it clear that it has nothing to do with the Jurassic license, I've come to the conclusion that dinosaur = Jurassic World.
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2 months ago
That’s incredible, you should definitely be able to submit it to LI.

I’ve definitely seen dinosaur projects there before...
2 months ago
@Snappy: Yeah. I thought there would be no conflicting IP (there isn’t even an IP to conflict with), but every time I’ve tried to submit it, it was rejected. I’m not sure why, but at this point I’ve kind of given up. I’m assuming the Jurassic license is what’s holding the project back, but that’s really kind of dumb, in my opinion, but I guess dinosaurs are now too iconic...

@lautaro_riquelme: ?
2 months ago
Happened with your space project too.
1 month ago
Your space project was canceled? Man, I was really looking forward to seeing it hit 10K. It was, by far, one of the best projects I've seen in a long time.
1 month ago
Thanks for the as-always kind and constructive feedback, LegoWilderness.

Concerning my space project, it's still up and running. Admittedly it's not going very well (I estimate it will have only 989 votes by the end of its run. That's assuming that the statistics accurately show the 'minimum 1 support per day'. If not, I estimate approximately 764... that's almost 10,000.

Some supporting evidence:


I'm just assuming Snappy here was talking about that one contest entry for 'Replicate your heroic minifigures in battle!' that was rejected because it didn't focus on minifigures...
1 month ago
... just ignore those links.

Why are they so troublesome?
1 month ago
No problem, IB

Well, I certainly hope you get more votes. I tried to get more supporters for it on my Facebook, but most of my friends aren't LI members.
Oh yes, that's definitely near 10,000!

Zoinks! I've been taken to a wrong turn. Hmm.

I love this supporting evidence, dude.

I don't know, maybe the "troublesome aspect" of the links copies the one who pasted it. Just my thoughts
1 month ago
I was talking about how it was hard to get your space one submitted because they thought you were trying to continue a theme or something.
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