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{Answers} Ask SCP-6069
Published 1 year ago
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Heres the answers to the questions you people asked.

Lukas : "So, the questions and answeres, lets see..."

1ObSiDiAnFuRy : "What caused you not to age or die? Whats it like living out of time?"

Lukas : "Well, for me, its the Suit that caused my life to increase, as for Erika, its her bear. Honestly? It would be nice to be able to see the world advance before my eyes, if only we were not stuck in this place."

LegoWilderness : "What is it like having your armor stuck fast to your body at all times? Does it induce pain?"

Lukas : "Eh, well, i mean not ALL of it is stuck to me, i mean my helmet is still removable, but theres no way im taking it off. Dont even ask. Also, no, im practically numb to pain because of this suit."

LegoWilderness : "How are you going to protect your daughter if you don't have any ammo in that gun of yours?"

Lukas : "Well, theres a variety of ways i could ki- er, i mean politely decline a threat, but i wont get into the details since theres a child present."

Erika : "Hallo!"

CalcManProductions : "Are you aware that you look almost exactly like those elite Nazi soldiers from Wolfenstein: The New Order?"

Lukas : "I have no idea what that is, ive been stuck in here since 1987."

CalcManProductions : "Who's the mother? Is the child adopted?"

Lukas : "Thats a touchy subject, id rather not answer."

CalcManProductions : "Did you let the girl use the MG42? You totally should."

Lukas : "Where do you get your parenting advice from?! I absolutely do not let her use it, even if it ran out of ammunition years ago."

CalcManProductions : "Do you need a new gun?"

Lukas : "No."

CalcManProductions : "Why would you have a daughter?"

Lukas : "Another touchy subject, next question, please."

CalcManProductions : "Did you take those German super soldier steroids from WW2?"

Lukas : "I dont know of any Super Steroids back then, all i had going for me was this odd glowing stone that they replaced my heart with, and dont even ask me how that works."

LegoCommanderBacara : "Erika, does any body every go insane seeing you? I know an SCP that does that."

Erika : "Huh? Whats that?"

Lukas : "No. No they dont."

LegoCommanderBacara : "Lukas, do you appreciate destroying Class D?"

Lukas : "No, actually, i find taking peoples lives rather distasteful, i only do it when its necessary."

Thats it, it took me a good 30 minutes to work these answers out, i hope you found them satisfactory.
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1 year ago
i did! if SCP-6069 needs anything, i will give them it.
Hard to be satisfied when most of my questions were "too touchy". Guess that's what happens when you do a Q&A with an SCP XD
I love the response for the question of letting Erika use the gun though XD
1 year ago
CalcManProductions : "Did you let the girl use the MG42? You totally should."

Lukas : "Where do you get your parenting advice from?! I absolutely do not let her use it, even if it ran out of ammunition years ago."

One of the funniest, Kraus
1 year ago
Wait, I asked something! Why do you talk about politics and war so much? It's literally the only you talk about! Do you have a backstory!?
@j2fam77 Oh, I thought you were asking that to me because you were mad XD
1 year ago
Can I ask another question? Though I know that you spent so much time on this...
Lukas, when Class D enter your containment, what do you do. Talk? Ask questions? Keep reminding them that if they come close to your daughter they will be destroyed?
Erika, how old are you?
1 year ago
There isn't a 6000 series scp yet. Is it an OC or was it from a tale?
"Erika" isn't a Nazi song though. It's just a German song that was created right before that time and they just decided to use that song for themselves, so.....the lyrics don't contain any material glorifying Nazism at all. It's literally just about a girl.
1 year ago
I'd say it's more about the symbolic context. A lot of people associate the song with Nazism, so that's what springs to mind. In the same way, the swastika was an important symbol in Hinduism, but that's not what people think of now. Once something becomes associated with such an evil ideology, there isn't really a way for it to seem harmless afterwards.
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