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Unnamed Story, Chapter 1: Carbo
Published 4 weeks ago
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Unnamed Story

Chapter 1: Carbo

Carbo wasn't sure he wanted to open the door when the soft knock came. He knew who was outside, he knew what the implications of this visit were. And he was scared. A fear that clawed at him, urging him to run. But he couldn't. He'd promised. The soft knock came again. Carbo took a deep breath and opened the door.
He was there. The man Carbo had been dreading to see. Clothed completely in the black which had come to trademark him, the quiet jingle of chain-mail as he moved marked the stranger as a fighting man. One always ready for trouble. The black fletching of arrows stood out against the backdrop of the street. But as always, Carbo's eyes were drawn to the eyes of the man. Dark, penetrating eyes they were, with a hint of, humor? Carbo couldn't imagine this man smiling let alone laughing or cracking a joke!
"Finished staring?" The man asked gravely.
"Uh, yes, yeah so . . ." Carbo was nervous. His eyes kept flitting down the street. Fully expecting at any moment to see a platoon of guards marching in to arrest them.
"Do you have it? My information?" He was so calm! As if he wasn't doing something totally illegal but just out with his mates. Though Carbo wasn't sure this man had mates . . .
"Do you have it or did I come all this way for nothing? If you've lied Carbo . . ." He left the sentence hanging. Just like what we'll be doing if we're caught. Carbo thought. But he knew what would happen if he lied to this man.
"Y - yes I have it. Here." Carbo thrust a dirty scrap of paper into the man's hand.
"Thanks. I'll be off then."
"One thing, don't come back again. I can't risk getting caught! I have my children to look after Niger." Carbo was firm. He had to say this.
The man called Niger nodded.
"Understood. You've been a good friend Carbo, I'll leave you alone now. Goodbye."
"Goodbye mate."
And with that, the mysterious man vanished into the darkness.

End of Chapter 1

Ok strange new story alert! I had this idea in my head this afternoon, and figured I'd write it down. Yes I know, I haven't finished The Old Republic yet, but what's up with that is, I radically changed the storyline and now I have to think of a new one. So yeah I'll keep you posted. Comment if you think I should continue this story, because I might if you guys want me to. Anyway, that's it.


P.S. I have to admit, this was kinda inspired by Guitarman2's Fall of Realms story. So shoutout to him, go check out his profile!

P.P.S. I'll really like a name for this story, so if you have any ideas . . .
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4 weeks ago
This is looking awesome!
It seems like a good balance of mystery and action.
Story title idea: Jewel of The River (Why I came up with that, I don't know.)

P.S. Thanks for the credit! Even though it looks completely original.
4 weeks ago
Sounds thrilling! Writing two stories at once can be challenging, but I can sympathies with you
It's hard to keep all of those great ideas contained
Anyways yes, keep at it, and as far as a title goes... what about "The Fate of a Promise"? or something like that... if you don't like it then ok... *in a whimpering voice* well... *sniff* *sniff* it was just a suggestion... *runs off wailing about something nobody can understand*
4 weeks ago
I love it

Amazing writing! Fantabulous idea
4 weeks ago
Okay, so I might have a list of names...

1. The Dark Faction

2. Darkness Surrounds

3. The Summoning

4. The Realm of Darkness

5. Doomsday Tidings

6. The Skull Game

I really like that last one myself
4 weeks ago
This is really good! now I don't know about any name suggestions because I don't know enough about the story to think up a good name.
4 weeks ago
“A stunning read"
——— Hammerborne, author of nothing (so far)

“The Promise"
“Mage" (idk if there’s magic but I kinda got that vibe)

But like Rickard said, I’d have to know a bit more about the story
4 weeks ago
Thanks guys!
@Guitarman2, thanks, Jewel of the river, hmmm, I could use that, but I have to figure out the rest of the plot first tho.

@GreenFlame24, thank you and great name! I'll keep it in mind.

@LegoWilderness, thanks! I really like those names, most of all number 4. But I was kinda leaning away from using 'realms' in my title because of Guitarman2's story being named "Fall of Realms"
Still great suggestions tho!


@RickardCinama, Thanks! Yeah it's hard, I need to think of a plot before I think of a name usually, but I don't have a plot sooo yeah.
4 weeks ago
In that case what about something simple like...

"Carbo's Revenge"

or maybe
1. "The Hunted Hunter"
2. "My Story"
4 weeks ago
Ya know... "Helm of Darkness" wouldn't be so bad. "Kingdom of Darkness", or some other title xD
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