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Special 100 Views model
Published 8 months ago
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A Few people i want to thank:
-Lego Yizrach Yah
-LAX Swag_5
I really want to thank you all, as your support has really shown me that you guys appreciate my models, and encourages me to make more.
Sadly , my models will be released a lot slower, as my laptop that i usually release them on, its Hard Drive Failed and it wont boot up. Im sending it to Lenovo to get it fixed, and they said it should be fixed in around 1-3 weeks, so i, really sorry for the inconvienience. Im on a spare computer, but on this computer, Mecabricks is really slow, so i will be releasing models a lot more slowly. Hope you understand. I will let you guys know when my laptop is fixed.
THANNK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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8 months ago
By the way, bye Lax_Swag5, do you mean the real Lax_Swag5? (Me)
8 months ago
Well, if you were Lax_Swag5, then yes
Just sent my Laptop to Lenovo to get it fixed. I will start putting out Models the day i get it back. Apparently around 1-3 weeks. I was going to send it to Best Buy, but they dont do In-Store repairs anymore, so i have to get them to send it to Lenovo Canada, they'll fix it, and then send it back to Best Buy, where I'll pick it up. Hoping for the best. When i get it back, i have to RE-download EVERYTHING, because they will WIPE my computer. But thanks to all of you. My total views as of today are 119 views
8 months ago
I'm the real one. A user named @SlimBrick1 changed his username to Lax_Swag5 ON PURPOSE.
8 months ago
Yiz, you don't understand it, do you?
8 months ago
MegaModeler - Congrats!!

Lax - That sure is annoying...
8 months ago
i do. but you dont need the all caps. plus he already apologized for it.
8 months ago
if someone stole my name, i would ask them to change it. i would do what youre doing. minus the all caps.
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